Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Few More Random Pics…

Our kiddos have been fighting the stomach flu since last week Friday.  We’re now on Day 6 of miserable, homebound existence.  We’re counting our blessings that it’s merely the stomach flu and nothing long-term or serious, but I am SO READY to leave my house for something other than a quick store run for Pedialyte popsicles or applesauce and crackers!

My kids are watching WAY too much PBS Kids & Disney Junior, as they don’t feel like doing anything else.  I’m taking a few moments to pretend I’m not a stir-crazy mom, so I’m at the computer… :)

Here are a few more pictures to add to the random “photo dump” that I posted the other day.

Maybe the day will come when she like soft toys, dolls, and the like…but for now, give this girl the ACTION! :)

May2012 072May2012 073 

What my living room floor looks like most of the time lately. 
They say they are playing “Bellaboos”, which is a children’s museum/play center.

May2012 071

Mmmmm, smoothies!
We love to dump vanilla yogurt, frozen fruit, and a little milk in the blender.
Sometimes, we’ll toss in a browning banana. 
It’s a healthy snack that we all enjoy!

 May2012 069  

See Jensyn’s smoothie mustache?  She loves ‘em, too!

May2012 068

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Anonymous said...

I am loving the little moments from around the house! I hope you all feel better very soon! The stomach flu is the WORST!!!