Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Showers Tot School

Alex is 4.5, Max is 2.5 years old.
This goes back a few weeks, but I am determined to get caught up! :)
This is the updated version of the April Showers freebie pack, although we did use some of the older pages that we already had laminated from last time around.
Max matched shadows.
April2012 172
Alex and Grace practiced the letter F.
April2012 156 April2012 163
Alex really amazes me with how he caught on to beginning sounds!
He can do these pages without my help now.
April2012 157 April2012 158 
He’s still going through his green phase.
April2012 160 April2012 162
Circling What’s Different
April2012 159
practicing ordinal numbers and following directions
April2012 161   
sorting uppercase and lowercase Fs.
April2012 165April2012 167
Counting Practice
 April2012 166  April2012 168
Shape Matching
April2012 169April2012 171 
Their favorite way to end our table work – playing a game!
April2012 170

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