Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{FREE} Baby Birds Preschool Pack

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This is a small pack with 24 total pages. It contains one Bible verse printable and 18 activities.  You probably won’t use all of the pages with one child,  but you’ll pick and choose what is best suited for your 3 – 5 year old.

I included my “regular” handwriting page, but I’m also making some new handwriting pages to go along with the curriculum that I’ll be using with Alex in the fall.  Since I was making it anyway, I figured I’d throw it in with the pack and let you decide for yourself which handwriting page to use.

Nn handwriting baby bird magnet page

The Bible verse is probably too long for the average 3 – 5 year old to easily memorize.
I don’t expect my little ones to memorize it; we simply read it together and talk about it throughout the week.

bible verse copy counting practice

Did you know there are lots of FREE packs available?
More than half of all preschool packs available from Little Monkey Printables are FREE! 
Teachers and homeschool moms give so much of their own time and money to educate children. 
My hope is that these free packs are a blessing to you and your little ones!

Book Suggestions
While I am linking you to these books at Amazon,
I always recommend checking your local library first!

Graphics in this pack are used with written permission from SpringHillGraphics Etsy shop


Anonymous said...

Very very cute!! So you need to fill me in with your curriculum plans for next year :-)

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Thanks, Lindsay :)

We'll be using My Father's World Kindergarten as a K4 program with Alex. (You may have known that? I can't recall!) We'll also be using Singapore Essential Math Kindergarten A...and probably Kindergarten B, provided we feel that Kindergarten A was a good fit for him.

Anyway, while MFW K looks to be an AMAZING program, I feel that their handwriting pages are not quite what Alex needs. (I hope it doesn't seem like I am criticizing MFW K...I'm just stating what I feel might not be quite right for Alex.)

I decided to make my own handwriting worksheets in a larger font, geared toward what already works for Alex. 25 more letters to go... ;)

Kimberly said...

I am so glad you posted a link to your blog on FB! You have made some amazing printables. Thank you so much for sharing them.

Casey said...

These are so adorable! Thank you for all your kind words on my blog too, I so appreciate them!