Monday, February 27, 2012

Goin’ On A Safari (tot/pre school at our house)

Alex is 4 years old.  Max is 2.5 years old.

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In case you can’t tell, my boys had a great time reading about safari animals and working on our African Safari pack!

We made vests from grocery bags and binoculars from toilet paper tubes wrapped in black construction paper.  We searched the house for lions, and we went outside to spy real birds with our binoculars.   (vest & binoculars ideas found on Pinterest)

Here’s the rest of what we did. 

**Pinterest Users: PLEASE do not pin any pictures below with the children in them.  There’s a picture of the Preschool Pack at the bottom of this post if you’d like to pin this post.  Thanks for understanding!

Count & Match Cards

  February2012 003  February2012 007

Shadow Matching

February2012 006 February2012 004

Size Sequencing

February2012 008

Puzzle Cards

February2012 009 February2012 010

Magnet Page

February2012 011February2012 015

Follow The Path

February2012 013 February2012 014 

Prewriting Page

February2012 016 February2012 017

Alex wanted smiley faces and funny faces for a job well done.

February2012 019

Word Builders
(Max barely knows his letters, but he loves to match!)

February2012 018  February2012 020

Dot Markers

February2012 021

Follow The Path & prewriting, 2 year old style ;)

 February2012 022 February2012 023

Dot the S and s

February2012 024

Circle the smallest (Max “circled” the biggest instead)

February2012 025 February2012 026

finish the pattern

February2012 027

Find the Missing Number

February2012 028

A few pages on display

February2012 029

More Follow The Path

February2012 372February2012 379

Shape Matching
(Alex’s friend)

 February2012 373

Roll & Graph

February2012 374 February2012 378February2012 377

more word building

February2012 375 February2012 376   

A is for Alligator (from Homeschool Creations)

February2012 380

Circle What’s Different

February2012 381 


 February2012 384

This African Safari preschool pack is a FUNDRAISER for our friends as they are in the process of adopting.  The cost is $2.00, and $1.68 (everything but the PayPal fees) goes directly to Adopting Judah


Anonymous said...

What fun!! Looks like everyone had so much fun! Love the vests!

Marlynn said...

Those little safari vests are so CUTE!