Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun With Dr. Seuss Preschool Pack

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Graphics © Little Red Schoolhouse
used with permission
commercial license purchased for resale

This pack has graphics from three different Dr. Seuss stories.
You may wish to read these stories while working on this pack:
You’ll find 20 activities:
  • Count & Color
  • Prewriting
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Race To The Hat game
  • Handwriting (H,h)
  • Count & Clip cards (1 – 12)
  • Finish The Pattern
  • Letter Sort (H,h)
  • Shape Match cards
  • Scissors Skills
  • Ten Part Puzzles
  • Word Builders
  • Shadow Matching
  • Size Matching
  • Letter Hunt (H,h)
  • Puzzle Cards
  • Count Mat/Cards
  • Circle What’s Different
  • Magnet/Bingo Marker page
  • Follow The Path – easy & hard
Page samples
shape matching cards beginning sounds cards letter sort magnet page counting mat cards counting cards 2
I’ve also seen great Dr. Seuss freebies at:


Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

Your activity ideas look great. I invite you to share them with my readers on my blog, Happy Birthday Author. I think they would be interested in them.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dawn said...

Thank you, Eric. I went ahead and did. I appreciate the heads-up! Great blog, by the way!

Miss Amanda said...

Dawn you have outdone yourself! Super cute and exactly what I needed since my time to be creative and make my own packs has been non-existent. Thanks for creating such a great pack, I just purchased and downloaded!

Tammy said...

Thank you for creating these activities. I just downloaded and printed them all I have to do is laminate. We are going to see the movie "Lorax" Monday and I just picked up the book. I have a ton of other Dr. Suess books that we will read also. This saved me so much time. Thanks again, Tammy

Dawn said...

Thank you for the kind comments!

Tammy ~ I hope you and your family enjoy the movie! :)

leggs said...

I'd like to purchase, but the Buy This button doesn't link me to you via pay pal. It just takes me to my paypal page.

RuthyToothy said...

I'm having the exact same problem!

The pack looks perfect for my needs, so Dawn I'd be very grateful if you could send me a link to purchase!

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

I apologize for that! I edited an error in the post yesterday, and somehow that must have affected the functionality of the button.

If you try again now, it should work. If not, I can send you an e-mail with my Paypal address (I don't like to post that e-mail address online.)