Monday, February 13, 2012

And So It Begins…

On Friday, I got my first “Well, I don’t like you!” from Alex.  I had asked him to put away the clean silverware from the dishwasher.  He didn’t want to do it, and I gently insisted that he needed to do his chore.  I replied, “I’m sorry to hear that, but I want you to know that I still love you.” 

This morning, Alex was playing on his LeapPad.  I set the timer, and I told he must put away the LeapPad when the timer beeped.  He was less than thrilled when the timer went off, and he tried to ignore it.  I reminded him that he needed to shut off his toy now. 

He looked at me and said, “Then I’m running away from this house!”

I replied, “I’m sorry to hear that.  I’m going to miss you!  Where will you go?”

He said, “I’m going to Grandma and Papa’s house.”

I said, “Oh, so you’ll be nice and close!  May I come visit you there once in a while?”

Alex said, “NO!  I will NOT let you come visit me!”

I asked him, “It’s very cold outside today.  Do you realize that it’s going to be a long, cold walk to Grandma & Papa’s house?”

He stood there for a minute, and then he said, “Uh, do you think you could drive me there?”

I’m not okay with sassy talk, and we don’t put up with it.  I did, however, have to really hold back a smile when we had this little conversation this morning.  How sweet that my 4 year old wants his mommy to help him run away from home :)


Anonymous said...

ohh no! Glad he still needs his mommy to help him even if it is to run away!

Kat said...

When did he get so big??? Ugh!
I would have had a hard time holding back my smile too!

Jessica said...

It's hit at our house, too. When my 4 year old told me he wanted to go live some where else I said okay and I opened the door for him. He stood outside for about a minute and knocked and asked back in. (I could see him the whole time through the peep hole). Guess he won't be moving out any time soon.

Marlynn said...

Mines been wanting to run away too...maybe a little bit of cabin fever??