Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Love Trucks (A FREE Valentine’s Pack for Boys)

Alex caught me looking online at Valentine's Day graphics.  He (very sweetly) told me that there was NO WAY he wanted to do any of that cutesy stuff.  We searched through graphics together until he spotted this set.  "Yes, Mommy!  THAT'S the one!"  So...while it was a bit of stretch...this pack was designed just for my little guy.  Perhaps you have a little guy who would prefer trucks and helicopters filled with hearts, too?  ;)


valentines ad Click on the picture above to link to this pack at my Teacher’s Notebook store.  It’s also available on Teachers Pay Teachers, and it should be available soon on Itsy Bitsy Printables.

This 19 page printable activity mini-pack contains 1 title page, 2 instruction pages, and 14 activities to work on with your  3 - 5 year old child:

  • Circle What's Different
  • Circle The Biggest
  • Count & Match cards
  • Finish The Pattern
  • Find The Missing Number
  • Three Part Cards
  • Scissors Skills
  • Word Builders
  • Dot Page (bingo marker)
  • Sort: Facing Left, Facing Right
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Shadow Matching
  • Prewriting
  • Find The Letter (H, h)

Don’t forget – for the month of February, all of my profits from sales at Teacher’s Notebook will go directly to benefit Adopting Judah!  Pick a new preschool pack to enjoy & help bring a little boy home!

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Lindsay said...

Super cute!! I am sure Alex (and Max) will love working w/ those heart filled vehicles!

chelle said...

Thanks very much for sharing! I thought I had all our V-day plans ready but this is pretty cute and my guys LOVES trucks/cars so back to the printer ;-)

Nichole said...

SO cute!

Chris said...

It's so adorable! I found you through the Teacher's Notebook email today. I downloaded everything in your shop! I can't believe you offer so much great, free stuff. I bought all three packs for sale, and I'm so excited to use them! They look charming, sweet, and effective. Thank you so much!

Dawn said...

I try to offer the majority of my printables freely. Having taught in a classroom - and now teaching my children at home - I know that teachers tend to spend a lot of money on their own classroom supplies. Mothers spend a lot of money on preschool/homeschool supplies for their children. My goal is to make that just a little less expensive by offering many of my items for free.

The ones with a price tag are being sold for two reasons: (a) to pay for the graphics that I use in my free packs (b) to give me just a bit of money to spend on homeschooling supplies for our family. (Oh, and I could add (c) to benefit our friends' adoption...)

Thanks for your kind comment, and have a great day!

Happyscrapper42 said...

Was beginning to think Valentine's day was only for girls (which is what my hubby says) then Voila a wonderful creation for little boys. Thanks so much!!!

Pam from Over the Big Moon said...

Dawn - This is awesome! I have been crazy busy the last few weeks (my SIL was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer) and am so behind on blogs!

Sharing this now on our FB page! Thanks lady!


adaynasmile said...

Thank you so much for all your wonderful printables! I am looking forward to using them over the next few years. My son is going to love this pack! I am including it on my blog.