Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Keith’s grandma (Nana to our kids) celebrated her 92nd birthday on Saturday!  Happy Birthday, Nana!  We know you love reading the blog, and we look forward to you seeing these pictures from your special day!

February2012 092

The family went to White Fence Farm to help her celebrate.  They’ve been visiting this restaurant since KEITH was in a high chair!  Now all three of our kiddos have been there, too! 

(Don’t look for me in the picture…I’m conveniently behind the camera!)

February2012 091

Not everyone was able to come, but Kevin & Jess made a 2.5 hour drive to be there!  Jessica did the driving!  One more niece on the road…I’m feeling older all the time ;)

February2012 093

The boys tried out the horses in the waiting area, and Alex was very interested in the antique stoves.  If we hadn’t been called back to our table so quickly, he probably would have asked a lot more questions about those!

February2012 088 

If you saw my last post, here’s your answer:

pickled beets

 February2012 090  

Jensyn made this face for a few bites, and then I took it away from her.  Later, she intentionally picked up a pickled beet and ate some more.  Brave girl!  Her big brothers chowed down…they love ‘em!

Happy Birthday, Nana!  We are so glad we could help you celebrate your special day!  We love you!

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Anonymous said...

ahh I was partially right! Happy Birthday to Nana!! That is what Sammy calls his great grandmother too! She will be turning 90 this month :-)