Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine’s Tot/Preschool Fun

Alex is 4 years old and Max is 2.5 years old.

We made homemade sugar cookie dough together, and each child took at turn with measuring the ingredients.  After the dough chilled, we pulled out the heart-shaped cookie cutters.

February2012 079 February2012 080

While the cookies baked, we made buttercream icing.  It’s funny – I told them we’d be making pink icing, and the four year olds were SHOCKED when I used red food dye.  We had our own little lesson in colors – red dye mixed with white icing makes PINK!

February2012 081 February2012 083

I gave the kids plastic knives to spread a heavy layer pink frosting on the back of the cookies.  We then stuck another cookie on to the frosting, creating a “cookie sandwich”.  After that, we rolled the cookies in Valentine’s sprinkles.  The kids enjoyed a few cookies for a snack.  Then we  called Alex’s church preschool teacher to see if Alex could bring the rest of the cookies to church to share with his friends in his church class that night!  Alex was SO proud, and the cookies were a big hit!

February2012 084 February2012 085

A few days later, we made chocolate sugar cookie dough.  We were bringing dinner to a family in need that night, and we made these cookies for their dessert.  They were just as much fun to make the second time around!

My boys were SO excited about the helicopter magnet/dot page that they sat at the counter with them THE MOMENT I took them out of the printer, shortly after creating this page.  They are suddenly VERY interested in dot pages!

 February2012 002February2012 001 

On Valentine’s Day, we didn’t get a chance for preschool activities until Max and Jensyn were napping.  So, this week, only Grace & Alex got to do our activities.  Max has no clue that he missed out on the fun.

Grace and Alex played this “Fill My Heart” game, racing to see who would be first to cover all the hearts with candy heart erasers.  I believe this printable came from Musings of Me, which means it’s (sadly) no longer available…

February2012 116

Grace sorted Valentine kids and Valentine gifts…
Alex sorted vehicles facing left/vehicles facing right…
(printables from Over The Big Moon and Little Monkey Printables)

February2012 134  February2012 129

They circled what’s different & circled the biggest
(Over The Big Moon & Little Monkey Printables)

February2012 125 February2012 118 February2012 117

They found & stamped the correct letters…
(Little Monkey Printables & Over The Big Moon)

February2012 121 February2012 124

cut along the lines…
(Over The Big Moon & Little Monkey Printables)

February2012 127  February2012 123

did dot pages…
(Little Monkey Printables)

February2012 122   

worked on pre-writing…
(Little Monkey Printables)

    February2012 120

circled beginning sounds…
(Over The Big Moon)

February2012 130

colored the hearts…
(Musings of Me, no longer available)

February2012 131

…and counted & clipped
(Over The Big Moon)

 February2012 132 February2012 133

And that’s about it…but that was a lot!  We had lots of fun this week! 

Now Max is sitting on my lap as a I finish this post, and he’s saying, “Mommy, I wanna do dot school!”  I guess he now realizes what he missed…oops! ;)

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s week, too!


Anonymous said...

Those cookies look delicious! Looks like a fun valentine's week!!

Kat said...

How fun! Those cookies look so yummy...and judging by Grace's eyes they were!!!! ;)