Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WHAT did you feed me?!

Anyone care to guess what Jensyn just tried for the first time? 

Each of my children has had this particular food for the first time at the same restaurant, with their nana there to witness it.  (No fair guessing if you were there with us!)  The boys both like this food, but they don’t eat it often.

Clue:  We were at White Fence Farm in Romeoville, IL.February2012 090


Miss Courtney said...

I was thinking a lemon, but the restaurant threw me off.

Dawn said...

Nope, not a lemon, but it's a good guess :)

Anonymous said...

LOL she looks totally disgusted! I would say something really strong flavor like asparagus, kale or beets..

Mama Pickles said...

We love White Fence Farm! I'm going with beets. There's no way she'd be making that face after o ce of the yummy corn fritters.

Dawn said...

Two of you guessed it! Mama Pickles had an advantage since she knows the food. Lindsay, I am very impressed!

Mama Pickles, I think she ate 3 fritters..
who doesn't love those? :)