Monday, February 27, 2012

Tiny Talk

So, these are not as funny as Alex asking if I am pretending to be God…they did make me smile today, though.

We’ve been reading Franklin’s Halloween lately.  (I don’t know why, as I don’t even like Halloween! The boys just have a sudden fascination with this book.)  Franklin dresses up as “Franklinstein”.  This morning, Alex came running to me with a grocery bag on his head.  “Hey Mom, look!  I’m ALEXSTEIN!”

February2012 404

My boys LOVE to eat grapes.  Today as we finished lunch, the boys were eating grapes.  Max couldn’t get the stems off of some of the grapes, so he was handing them to me and saying, “Mom, could you open these?” Not funny, but just a cute way of asking me to remove the stem.

 February2012 406 February2012 407

Alex was jealous that I took Max’s picture, so he wanted me to take his picture.
Jensyn just got her picture taken because she was cute…and covered with Nutella.

February2012 408 February2012 409

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Anonymous said...

hehe Love the Alexstein story! Max is so cute and I love the will you open these so cut!