Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jensyn’s First Crawl

Jensyn finally figured out how to crawl last week Saturday at Kevin & Annie’s house.  Don’t worry – mommy & daddy were there to see!

Watch out, world!  Jensyn is tearing up papers, eating all small items, and pulling hair off of doggies! ;)

Good job, sweetie!  Now, stop getting bigger on us ;)


Anonymous said...

ohh my goodness look at her go! When she figured it out she figured it out that is for sure!

MJ @ Creative Madness Mama said...

I wish they would all slow down! AppleBlossom was walking at 8 months and I cannot remember when she crawled. OrangeBlossom will be seven months at the end of this week and she can get across the floor, but I have yet to see how. It's right now more a glance and she's one place, and then glance again and she's four feet away! I wish there were a baby pause button.

Dawn said...

Lindsay ~ she'd been trying for a while, but just couldn't quite figure out what to do. In two days time, she went from figuring out how to rock on hands & knees to speeding across rooms! :)

MJ ~ I'm so very thankful that my babies did not walk at such a young age. Doesn't it make them seem so much bigger once they're mobile? I'm with you on the pause button...we need it! :)

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