Monday, January 17, 2011

He Did It!

Guess who’s finally potty trained?  Way to go, Big Boy!

Alex can’t wait to go to the tractor store & pick his prize. :)
He’s also pretty excited about going to Wee Worship and Sunday School with his church friends.

January2011 086

I know every child does this, but it’s just so amazing to see him stop what he’s doing, run to take care of business without being told, and be so proud of himself.  It just took ALEX making the choice to do it independently.  We’re so proud of you, kiddo!


Anonymous said...

woohoo wtg Alex!!!

Kat said...

Oh Alex you look SO proud!!! =) Way to go buddy! I can't wait to have you in Wee Worship!!!

P.S. Your shower curtain is really cute!