Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tot School – Winter Theme – 36 Months

We spent two weeks attempting to cover this unit.  The first week was at Grandma & Grandpa’s house, where he just had no interest in sitting to learn.  We did read our “theme book” multiple times a day there, and Alex loved it.


We tried again after returning home.  Daddy had a day off, we had errands to run, we prepared for a birthday party, and (honestly) Alex just wasn’t into this theme on the days we tried.  Here’s what we did accomplish.  (And I just realized he wore the same shirt at Grandma’s house and our house…these pictures are from both places, but the shirt is the same.)

This week’s printables came from:

Itsy Bitsy Learners

Musings of Me

Alex used marshmallows (our “snowballs”) to cover the alphabet letters as I called them out.  This picture was taken at Grandma’s house.  We did it again at home, and he just didn’t get into this one.  He pretended not to know his letters most of the time.January2011 162

We matched up shapes to the proper spot on the matching mat.  He liked this, and he did it quickly!  I was surprised to find that he already recognized and could name a diamond.  Alex did not know hexagon, so at least there was something new to him!January2011 164

He sorted snowflakes by size – small, medium, large.  With a little effort to keep him on track, Alex could easily complete this task.January2011 165Oh, how he loves to attempt scissors.  He’s really not there yet, though.  He just makes random “chops” into the paper.

January2011 166

He did this snowman page from his Cut & Paste book. I cut, he had to glue and arrange the 3 pieces to create a snowman.

January2011 216 January2011 217We worked on black, white, and gray.  Alex can easily recognize black.  He calls white things ‘black’, though, and I can’t figure out why.  He still can’t remember gray, but that’s okay – at least we’ve introduced it!

January2011 218 January2011 219 January2011 220

Alex was VERY proud of his pre-writing sheet, even though it doesn’t show in the picture.  He did SUCH a good job on the last one that I drew a star by it.  He was quite proud of that star!

January2011 221Size sorting – Alex’s current favorite, although he didn’t get excited about it this week – he put these sledding girls in size order.

January2011 222 January2011 223

Back to shapes – Alex really enjoyed this one.  It’s probably the one things he was excited to do this week, and he did it well!

 January2011 224 January2011 225 January2011 226

Alex practiced his scissors skills, too.  A certain sister of mine (you know who you are…) called and distracted us during Tot School.  I left the room for a few minutes, and when I returned, Alex had used his scissors to cut a few pages that didn’t require cutting.  (See the lower right?)  Oh well – it wasn’t too bad!  And you can call any time, big sister! ;)

January2011 227

So, anyway, although we still had LOTS of activities to try, we had a VERY unwilling tot!  I decided we’d still have the theme next year, and it’s time to move on. 

Up next – the moon!  (We started this morning, and he was THRILLED!  He wanted to do EVERYTHING in the pack!  We only stopped because Max woke from his nap.  I’m so glad he was excited by this new theme!)

To see what other tots are doing this week, be sure to check out the Tot School blog!

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Lindsay said...

Yay for pre-writing page he did great! I think finding out what they are interested in is totally the key for Sammy! Interested = motivated and attention span! Have fun with the moon!