Monday, January 10, 2011

December Random Photos

I just went through the December photos to find what hadn’t been posted yet.  Rather than think (why would I want to do that?!) I’m loading them all in one random post.

Lunch at Panera in mid-December.  I think this is the day that Aunt Deb & Aunt Donna gave the boys their adorable red Jingle Bell Rocker shirts – shirts that are seen in almost every December blog post, I’m sure!  December2010 083  December2010 084

 December2010 087December2010 085

December2010 088

A bit of an uh-oh moment with the Christmas tree.  Alex said it’s because he wanted to plug in the lights all by himself. December2010 089

Max – looking way too grown-up for my liking – playing with his Zany Zoo

 December2010 090 December2010 092

A near-daily occurrence in the month of December…my boys with a pile of tools!

December2010 104 December2010 105

Tools have many uses at our house… December2010 106

Helping Daddy balance the checkbook… December2010 107

Christmas pictures by Grandma & Papa P’s tree  December2010 126

December2010 127

December2010 128

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Anonymous said...

aww love that picture of helping with the checkbook! So cute! Glad the Christmas tree was okay :-)