Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tot School – Gingerbread (36 months)

Our little guy is THREE!  Going by the Tot School request, I’ll still show his age in months for those looking for activities for kids of the same age.

Traditionally, I think that gingerbread themes are for December.  When I was teaching, we never had time in December because of Christmas program practice, Christmas activities, etc…so we always did gingerbread activities in the first week of school in January.  I guess it’s ingrained in me now, as we saved our gingerbread week for January!

First off, I want to say HE DID IT!  And if you can’t tell from his face, Alex is proud!  (And Mom is proud of him, too!)  With no help, no encouragement, no prompting…Alex sequenced the gingerbread men.  Yes, there’s a mistake, but he finally understands the concept and he is VERY proud of himself!  These cards came from Musings of Me.

January2011 049

This one is from Jolanthe’s Gingerbread Baby unit.  It’s the Roll A Gingerbread Baby game, and (like last week’s Roll A ___ activity) Alex just loved it!  I added the numbers with crayons to help Alex. January2011 050 January2011 051

We made gingerbread cookies, but Max woke up before we could decorate.  (Yes, we cheated & used a mix…)  I’d hoped we would find a little time to decorate later in the week, but it never happened.  We did eat the M&Ms that had been set aside for decorating, though :)January2011 057

Alex adored this activity, although he couldn’t resist sneaking candy as he worked…

It’s from Making Learning Fun, and you simply match the M&Ms to the colored circles on the gingerbread man.

January2011 058 January2011 059 January2011 060 January2011 061

We put the extra M&Ms into Alex’s favorite little snack toy – his “M&M Shaker”, as he calls it. It’s battery operated, and it dispenses the candies one at a time.January2011 062

This activity was done multiple times throughout the week.  It’s also from Making Learning Fun.  Each gingerbread “cookie” has a shape on its belly, and you match the “cookie” to the spot on the “pan” that has the same shape.January2011 063 

Another attempt at lacing using this adorable little gingerbread girl from Musings of Me.  Mommy laced the head, leaving the rest for Alex.  He laced it through two holes, and then he handed it back and said, “Here – you do it, Mom!”

Yeah, we’ll just hold off on the lacing for a while ;)

January2011 064 I *know* we did much more during the week, but I don’t recall picking up my camera very often.  Guess that’s all the proof we’ve got!

To see what others are doing, check out the Tot School website!


Anonymous said...

what a fun week! Yay on the size sequencing!

Kat said...

Sami did Gingerbread her first week back to school from break too! =)

I'm looking forward to starting some tot school activities with Skylar in the fall! =)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great week! I will need to do some of the gingerbread activities in Dec. We missed them too last year and are doing snowmen with some hearts mixed in now. Kerri