Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picture Overload

Although the temptation may be there, I don’t cage my boys.  They do it to themselves.  It’s all fun and games until somebody’s fingers get pinched in the door!

January2011 053


Max is so proud that he’s big enough to climb the chairs & play cars and trucks at the kitchen table just like Alex does!

January2011 114 January2011 115

Unfortunately, Max thinks it’s okay to play cars and trucks ON the kitchen table, too… January2011 183

Daddy is so good about playing with the boys after dinner at night!  Sometimes it’s helicopter flying, sometimes it’s trains, sometimes it’s Wii car racing…

January2011 054 January2011 056

January2011 202

January2011 229

This little stinker is so mischievous!  He can look so calm and casual, but it probably means he’s thinking of what he’ll get into next…

January2011 230

While cleaning up after dinner one night, I got distracted before taking away Alex’s plate.  Next thing I know, Max is up there eating the leftover carbs from Alex’s dinner.  (Only the carbs…that boy takes after his mother!)January2011 203 He knew he was being mischievous, too – you can see it all over his face!

January2011 204

I could probably put this barn together with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back now!  The boys loves to play with it, but Duplos don’t exactly hold together when Max plays with them!  Alex loves this barn, too – it’s a VERY used toy!January2011 212 January2011 213

And it’s a mighty good thing we have the plastic barn now, as the cardboard one…well…got destroyed after some creative play.  “Look, Mom – I’m a barn!”January2011 214 January2011 215 

8 older pictures that got temporarily lost in the camera shuffle…

January2011 067 January2011 069

January2011 072 January2011 073 January2011 074 January2011 075 January2011 076 January2011 077

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Lindsay said...

What cuties!! I love that picture of Max up on the table!!