Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shedd Aquarium

While Daddy was in Slovakia, Mommy and the boys went to stay with Grandma & Grandpa S.  It’s nice to have a fun adventure while Daddy is gone; that way the week passes quickly!

We headed to Illinois on Monday and came home on Saturday afternoon.  Most of the week was spent just enjoying family, but Grandpa had a great suggestion for Tuesday - *free* day at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago!

I think I’ll let Alex tell me what to type for the comments on these aquarium pictures, so all the words in BLUE will be from Alex!

“Hey, that’s the ‘quarium!”

 January2011 118 January2011 119 January2011 123 January2011 124  January2011 126 January2011 127 January2011 128 January2011 129 January2011 130 Max is signing “fish”.

January2011 131

Grandpa lifted Alex to touch this snake “way up high”.January2011 132

January2011 133

January2011 134 January2011 135

January2011 136   January2011 139 January2011 140 January2011 141 January2011 142  January2011 144 January2011 147Max LOVED going under this, and it kept him busy while we were waiting for the reef program to begin.  He kept ducking, thinking he was too tall…so cute to watch!

January2011 148 January2011 150

“He was feeding the fishes.  He is the diver.  And the turtle got hit by a motorboat.  There was a motor inside of it.”

January2011 152

“It’s a chameleon!”

January2011 153 January2011 156 January2011 157

We were finished at the aquarium by about 12:30, and on the way home, Grandpa suggested we stop somewhere for lunch.  I thought Alex might enjoy eating at an oasis over 80-94, so we stopped and had lunch at McDonalds where we could watch the cars and trucks zoom past underneath us.  I think the boys enjoyed the playland even more than the expressway!

“That’s us at McDonalds, where the kids go!”

January2011 158 January2011 159

Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa, for a FUN adventure!

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Kat said...

Sami is currently obsessed with this show on National Geographic...I think it is called River Monsters. Perhaps we should venture into the city and go to the "quarium" it looks like it was a fun day! =)