Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas with Grandma & Papa

December 26th was Christmas, rounds 3 & 4 – the P family and (later in the day) the D relatives joined us!

We started the day with church, then came home for snacks and a nap for the boys.  One again, Alex took a nice nap and Max had a hard time sleeping.  Go figure!

We started with lunch, then opened presents, the the D family joined us for more presents and dinner.  We finished the night with a birthday dessert for Alex – since this was the day he turned THREE!

December2010 306

Our boys sure got spoiled here!  I know I’m confused on who gave us some of the presents because everything was opened so quickly!  Hopefully I’ll remember all of the presents they received…

December2010 257

I know that Alex received a box of Life cereal (since he eats that every time he’s at Annie’s house), a Curious George memory game, a Diggity Dog (or “Diggy The Dog”, as Alex calls it) game, guitar, Cars, plate & bowl, Thomas train tracks and accessories, rain boots, and a remote control car.  We’ve been playing his new games EVERY DAY!

December2010 273

We had lots of fun watching Nana trying out the guitar!

December2010 278

Max received a steering wheel toy, Follow Me Max, B Toys musical instruments in a drum, Hokey Pokey Elmo (which has been a huge hit with both boys), and a “Poke A Dot” book (which Max plays with every day, and Alex enjoys too).  Something is missing from this list, and I can’t remember what!

December2010 285

The boys also received some toy dinosaurs – some small and one BIG one – from Aunt Annie.  (Alex opened the big dinosaur and said, “My really own DRAGON!”)  They also each got a pair of Chicago Bears socks from Grandma & Papa.

December2010 269

December2010 268

Kyle & Jess opened all of their presents, too!  Oh, and Jessica turned herself into a present! :)

December2010 279 December2010 281 December2010 283

The D family joined us for a few gifts for the small cousins.  Nana & Uncle Jim gave cash (and Nana gave the boys an early present of Christmas sweaters and pants, too), and the D cousins gave both boys LOADS of clothes!

Then we had a gift card game for the adults.  You never know what you’ll get from this one – restaurants are a commonly stolen card in this game!  We ended up with Applebees and Chilis gift cards at the end of the game – yum! 

December2010 300I decided to try something a little different this year, and I printed an Amazon gift certificate for the exchange.  It turns out that great minds think alike, as Leanne did the same thing!

December2010 302

Oops – a few pictures didn’t make it to the right spots.  Here they are…

  December2010 263 December2010 265

This was a busy, fun day from start to finish.  We were thankful to be close to home this time, so the boys could go home and get a decent nights’ sleep in their own beds!

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