Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is It My Birthday Now?

January2011 231

This little boy has been anxiously waiting for his birthday party for a month.  He was happy to tell just about anyone that he was having a Curious George birthday.  (Not a birthday party, just a birthday…)

We had to put up the party decorations on the day they arrived in the mail.  Alex asked every day, “Mom, who’s coming to my birthday?”  He asked every day if this was his party.  I told him how many more “pajama sleeps”, but every time he woke from a nap or nighttime sleep, the first words from his mouth were, “Is it my birthday now?”

Well, the day finally arrived – delayed from his actual birthday by Christmas, trips to Slovakia, etc – and he was one VERY excited boy!

Alex was spoiled with TONS of wonderful presents! Tonka stunt track, a “real” shopping cart and food, lots of Cars-themed toys, Curious George toys, Thomas the Train toys, High Five magazine, Aquadoodle tools, jammies, money, and more!  He’s had a great time playing with all of his new toys this week!January2011 236January2011 239 January2011 259

Alex’s cousin Emma and her grandma are making this beautiful quilt as a birthday gift for Alex.  (They still need to finish the binding.) It’s a twin-size quilt, since Alex will be moving up to a bigger bed soon.  There are small messages for Alex embroidered throughout the quilt.    Isn’t this a neat, thoughtful gift?

January2011 314

He very impatiently waited to see his birthday cake, and he loved it!

January2011 300January2011 293(Alex just saw this and he said, “I’m the birthday boy!  I’m here – the birthday boy!”  Now he’s making up a song about it.)

January2011 297

Grandma P and Jessica put lots of hard work into making this beautiful cake & cute cupcakes!  (My mom & sisters brought lots of food, too – cheesy hash brown casserole, jello, chips, fruit tray - and Uncle Jim brought his yummy macaroni!)

January2011 302 January2011 305

January2011 234

January2011 235

We unintentionally planned Alex’s party for the same day as the Bears’ playoff game.  So…almost everyone was glued to the TV when we weren’t opening presents or singing “Happy Birthday”.  (Sadly, the Bears didn’t win.)  January2011 307 January2011 308

Family made sure that Max got all “sugared-up”

January2011 310

January2011 306

Kamikaze shopping cart driver…January2011 312

Happy THREE, Alexander Cole!  We Love You!

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Anonymous said...

What a super fun birthday party!! Sammy is talking having a george party as well.. (his birthday isn't until the end of April.. we have a while for him to decide). I love those cupcakes!!