Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas At Home

We had the incredible blessing of having Christmas morning all to ourselves this year.  There was no rush, no scrambling to get casseroles put together, no craziness – just the pure fun of spending the morning at home together.  Nice!

Alex got up shortly after 7 AM, knocking on his door and waiting for someone to come get him.  Daddy went to get Alex while Mama woke a sleepy Maxwell.December2010 129

From Alex’s doorway, you can see straight across the living room to the Christmas tree.  One very excited Alex didn’t take long to notice that Santa brought him a “twactoh just wike Chwoe’s”!

December2010 132  December2010 135When we called Alex to come see the Christmas stockings, he replied, “You can wook at the stockings.  I will dwive my twactoh!”

(I’d just like to note that I’m super-excited to fill that empty hook next year!) December2010 143

Alex got a little more excited when he started digging in to see what Santa brought him! (hot wheels, Cars toothbrush, M&M candy fan, smarties, Lightning McQueen socks, and tub crayons)December2010 150Max dug in, too, and he found a wooden helicopter and airplane, a mini See & Say, smarties, toothbrush, Gerber snacks, and some kid-sized forks.

December2010 156

Alex & Daddy checked to see that Santa had found his cookies & milk.  Santa even left a thank you note – on a THANKSGIVING post-it note, ha! December2010 160Each boy had 3 wrapped presents under the tree.  Alex received a “bwackbawwy just wike Daddy’s”, a magnadoodle, and a magnetic Dress-Up Joey.  Max got wooden nesting blocks to stack, a dune buggy, and a Hide & Seek Monkey.

December2010 167 December2010 175 December2010 176 December2010 178

Here’s the aftermath:

December2010 180

There’s no doubt which gift is the favorite around here!  Alex even attempted to try it out on the icy, snowy driveway.  It wasn’t a great success, but both boys were excited to give it a try after a yummy breakfast of french toast casserole and bacon.

December2010 182 December2010 187

December2010 189

In case you wondered, Daddy got a remote-control helicopter.  Alex chose to buy Daddy a Mater Wii game.  Mommy got a gift certificate for a MASSAGE (ahh!), and Alex and Max gave Mommy a laminator!  We also had some nice stocking stuffers, too – socks, candy, and CDs.

We loved this peaceful day at home!  We left around 2 PM to head up to my parents’ house for the S family Christmas…but that’s another post!


Allison said...

We always reserve Christmas morning for our immediate family. I love it that way. We do Tony's family on Christmas Eve, since they don't mind either way and there are no other little ones there. We celebrate with my family Christmas Day in the afternoon. It's fantastic.

Kat said...

We decided to spend Christmas morning at our house this year too. I'm hooked! Ha!!!

Looks like you all had a great day! I love that Alex got a Blackberry! =)

Dawn said...

Well, we generally always have a little time at home on Christmas morning. I just love that we had no reason to rush out the door by 11 AM! :)

I'd love it if we could have a set schedule for each of the big family gatherings, but my family has a hard time finding a date with 5 different families, college kids, nursing/retail work schedules, etc. Keith's family is a bit tricky, too, since his brother is a minister. It almost always works best to do Christmas Day with their family, and then we usually get together late morning.

I must admit, I'd love to be selfish and say we're not available until at least noon! :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like just the prefect Christmas morning!! That tractor looks like a lot of fun!!