Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Jensyn Says…


Two year olds can say some pretty funny things!  Jensyn has had a few good ones lately that I want to share before they slip my mind.

Please feel free to leave a comment sharing some of the funny things your children have said lately, or even an old favorite from when your older kiddos were small!


Jensyn asked me if I remember being a baby.  When I told her that I don’t,  here is the conversation we had:

Jensyn: But I remember being a baby.
Mommy: You do?
Jensyn: Yes!  I even remember being in your belly!
Mommy: Really?!
Daddy: What was it like in there?
Jensyn: DARK.

Jensyn went on to tell us that there was lots of room in my belly, and she had fun playing with her baby dolls in there.  It’s just the one word answer of “DARK” that had us laughing!


Jensyn walked up to me and said:

Jensyn: They fallin’ in love!
Mommy:  They are?  Who?  Who is falling in love?
Jensyn:  Cinderella and the Prince!  They are going to be married and josephed!


We were shopping for new end tables for our living room, and the saleslady asked how old the kids are.

Alex:  I’m Alex, and I’m 6.

Max:  I’m Max, and I’m 4.

Jensyn:  I’m Zensyn, and I’m 7.

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