Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Preschool Printables In The Works…

Yes, I know that it has been FOREVER since anything new has been added to my shop!  I’ve had a harder time balancing everything this school year, and it hasn’t left as much free time for creating.  A few snowbound days at home has given me some time to finish up some packs and think about some new ones, and I’m hoping to squeeze in an hour here and there throughout the next few weeks. 

There are three packs in the works:

1 – A Trip To The Dentist

I started this pack a YEAR ago at this time!  I used the partially-completed pack as a giveaway at that time, and now it is just about finished.  I have a few lovely ladies proofreading it this week, and I hope to have it in my shop by early next week at the latest.


2 – Dinosaur (which could use a more creative name, if you have any suggestions!)

Yes, yes…I started this one in the summer of 2013!  I am the queen of half-finished products, I guess!  I left it two-thirds finished, but I hope to have it done in another about 2 weeks.

magnet page

3 – Winter Olympics!  This is a new one; graphics were just purchased on Monday.  I will make sure it’s available by February 1st at the very latest, even if it means setting the dinosaur pack on hold…again.

olympics coming soon ad

4 – A Trip Around The World - I haven’t yet figured out exactly how I am going to share this one.  I’m trying to think through some copyright issues before I’ll promise to sell this one in my store.  It is a work in progress, and it’s aimed at a slightly older age group.  I’ll be teaching this class to the kindergarten & first graders at our homeschool co-op.

We’ll be working through twelve countries around the world, learning a few words in each language (or a few English words unique to the particular country), finding the country on a map and a globe, learning about the flag of each country, doing an art project/craft for each country, learning a bit about the food they eat, etc.  I have to condense this to fit into twelve 45 minute class sessions.  (Yikes – only 45 minutes per country!)  I’m not sure how I will format this if I make it available as a download once it’s complete.


So that’s what is happening here at the home of Little Monkey Printables!  I am hopeful that with a few little schedule changes, I can manage to finish the first three by mid-February at the latest.  Feel free to gently nudge me via email or Facebook if you’re waiting on one of these to be completed.  Don’t let me procrastinate…because I am obviously pretty good at that! Winking smile

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