Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Max’s School (LHTH Unit 11)

Has it really been 2 months since I posted about Max’s school?  Oh my!  We took about 3 weeks off at Christmas time, and we’ve been slow to restart LHTH since then.  Max still gets school time, but we’ve been doing a new family Bible time each morning and he’s been doing pages in his Rod & Staff workbooks.  

We’ve not done quite as much Little Hands To Heaven in recent weeks.  (I still love it; I’ve just had a hard time getting everyone back into routine since Christmas, and adding in the family Bible time has made it a little tricky for me to work it all in!)

Unit 11 was done in mid-late November, so these are older pictures.  I may not remember all of the details, but I’ll do my best!

Unit 11 covered the letter “I”.   During this unit, we made letter I in lots of different ways:

Dried beans on glue


Max’s paper (left) and Jensyn’s paper (right)

dot markers on circles (printed from Shannon’s Tot School site)


placing cylinder blocks over the dot marker circles


Hide & Seek “I” page – circle the letter I/i hidden in the poem
draw a line from
I -----> i

tracing letter I

Max finished his Bigger Steps (Rod & Staff preschool) book.  Do you think he’s excited?!

We built ‘pillars’ to represent the pillars that Samson knocked down with God’s help.
(Nothing is i-i-imposibble with God!)


While learning about Samson, we learned about lighter/heavier, and Max put 3 kitchen items in order from lightest to heaviest.


Count On Me page – I’m pretty sure this is the week when we switched over to counting by TWOS.

learning about Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz…making stalks of grain


working on his new Book C in Rod & Staff preschool
This book is a Count & Color book.  Max LOVES the counting, but he can’t stand all the coloring!  We’re pretty much just doing the counting pages, so this book will go quickly!


Max is just now starting to recognize many alphabet letters.  By age 4, Alex knew all of his letters and their sounds.  Max is a very different child, and that is PERFECTLY OKAY.  It’s fun to see him developing an interest in letters – in their names, sounds, and how to form the letters correctly. 

And that’s all I’ve got…we’re currently (mid-January) finishing up Unit 13, so I am really not that terribly far behind on Unit Reviews…now to post Unit 12, so I’m ready to post Unit 13 when it’s completed! Open-mouthed smile

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