Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Alex!

Alex turned 6 on December 26th.  He thinks that sounds pretty special, and he has been bravely telling EVERYONE we meet that he’s 6 years old.

With a Christmas birthday, it’s hard to separate birthday from Christmas.    Both sides of the family sang Happy Birthday to him at our family Christmas parties, but we choose to celebrate with extended family in mid-January to provide some separation.

Our little family likes to celebrate on our own, though, so we offered to let Alex choose a restaurant where we could go for dinner on the 27th.  He wanted to go to a restaurant with a play place.  At first, he chose Chick Fil A.  Then Keith reminded him of Chuck E. Cheese, and Alex quickly changed his mind.

None of the kids remembered being there before.  (Actually, I was 9 months pregnant with Jensyn the last time we’d been there, so only two of the kids had been there previously.)  They had a GREAT time! 

We also let Alex use his free $3 Toys R Us birthday card (sign up on their website) and some money from us to choose his own birthday present.  He wandered the store for a LONG time, narrowing it down to two choices.  He ended up picking an Imaginext Batcave (which, happily, turned out to be on sale!), and he’s been playing with it endlessly!

Here are a few pictures from our fun night at Chuck E Cheese…





Max’s favorite game of the night…


(picture below taken right before Jensyn panicked and burst into tears…)

Max wanted nothing to do with the giant mouse…


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