Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Morning


This year’s new pajamas were Disney themed, to remind us of our trip to Disney this year.  We had Buzz Lightyear, Minnie jammies with a tutu skirt, and Mike from Monsters Inc.  All 3 kiddos LOVE their new pajamas! 

I am strange in that their new jammies are one of their gifts on Christmas morning.  We only give our kids three presents, so I hate to give them one of those presents on Christmas Eve because it looks so empty under the tree the next morning!  So they first wore these jammies on Christmas night rather than Christmas Eve, but they look so cute in the picture above that I had to share it first!

We went to church on Christmas Eve, drove to see some Christmas lights, and then returned home to read the Christmas Story from Luke 2 before putting the kiddos to bed.  We like for them to be reminded of what Christmas is really all about!

Christmas started when our boys emerged from their room at 7 AM.   Although they briefly peeked into the living room, they obediently came straight to our bedroom as we’d asked the night before.  They waited impatiently in the hallway while I woke Jensyn, our late sleeper.


Upon gently waking Jensyn, she said, “But I soooooo sleepy!”   I replied, “But it’s Christmas!”

You should have seen that little girl shoot out of bed and make a beeline for the living room, shouting, “MY SOFIA!

She had accidentally discovered an unwrapped gift earlier in the week – her much desired Princess Sofia costume!  Oh, how she cried when she realized that she couldn’t have it yet!  She was anxiously waiting for Christmas to come so she could have her costume ‘for keeps’!  Can you tell how proud she is to be Sofia?  She’s been wearing it EVERY DAY, for hours at a time, since she opened this package!


We give each of our children 3 packages – one for each gift from the wisemen – and they also get one gift from Santa and some items in their stockings (mostly smaller things like toothbrush, toothpaste,  chapstick, Pez dispenser, but also a few fun little toys like Hot Wheels, Monster Trucks, or a toy princess).


Alex and Max each had one special request for a gift from Santa this year.  Alex wanted a 5 story parking garage that he’d seen in a catalog; Max wanted Jagger The Dinosaur.  (These were not the cheapest gifts, and it took some bargain hunting to find a semi-decent price for each of these toys.)  Jensyn’s Sofia costume was SUPPOSED to be her Santa gift, but since all three kids had seen it already, we had to do a little gift rearranging.  Instead, she received a Cinderella carriage set.  (I *so* did not pay the price that Amazon is showing! I found it locally for a much lower price!)


“duh moment” – I forgot to put up the flash on my camera, so our first pictures are pretty blurry!DSCN0758DSCN0777

checking out their new toys while Daddy takes video…DSCN0754
in awe of her new MagiClip princesses

checking out his new parking garage

The boys received Toy Story Operation (Walmart clearance – $9!)
and Hungry Hungry Hippos

Jensyn received a magnetic Dress Up Minnie

The boys received Wii games: Toy Story Mania and Nascar Kart Racing.
(Again, we did NOT pay Amazon’s price!  Phew, that’s ridiculous for a Wii game!)

Jensyn opening her pink, sparkly Minnie pajamas,
complete with a cute little skirt


Daddy opening his new Google Chromecast from the kids,
and he also got a food processor from me.

I got a new globe (in the background of the below picture),
a fleece sweatshirt, and a case for my Kindle Fire. 
(I also got an early birthday/Christmas present of a new camera before our trip to Disney.)

After opening presents & stockings, we enjoyed cinnamon rolls and Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Then we had a little free time for the kids to play with their new presents before we headed out to a family party…which will be the next Christmas post.

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