Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March–April Preschool Packs

I just wanted to remind you of 5 fun, spring preschool packs available at Our Little Monkeys.   Four of these packs are free, and the Easter Fun pack is only $1.50!

I am *so* in need of a day spent with only the laptop, a can of Coke, and a pile of ideas!  Would anyone like my kids for the day? Smile

I’ve done some smaller, partial packs to use along with our My Father’s World Curriculum, and I’m partway through a new fundraiser pack…but I don’t have anything new for you this spring.  Sorry!

If I had time, I would love to make a “May Flowers” pack and expand a few of the existing spring packs to add some new pages.  Hopefully next year!

Click on any image below to link to the download at Teachers Notebook:

FREE St. Patricks Day Pack

$1.50 Easter Fun pack

FREE Easter Blessings Pack

FREE April Showers pack

FREE Baby Birds pack

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