Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Blessings FREE preschool pack

Click the image to download this pack for FREE from Teacher’s Notebook.
easter blessings ad 
The updated Easter Blessings pack is ready to go.  Honestly, I think it’s the HARDEST theme to work with.  It’s a struggle for me to make activity pages about death and resurrection without feeling as if it is making light of a serious subject. 
These pages are not designed to TEACH the Easter story.  There are so many great teaching resources available online and in Christian bookstores.  You could also use a Children’s Bible, sharing just a section of the story each day.  A few worth mentioning:
Resurrection Eggs – CLICK HERE for a slightly different, free DIY version from
Imperfect Homemaking that I just adore! 
Click on the picture below to link to the traditional resurrection eggs.
Benjamin’s Box (This beautiful picture book works well with resurrection eggs.)
ENJOY this week with your child(ren)!  To me, there’s NOTHING more important than teaching your children about the wonder of the death and resurrection of their Savior, Jesus Christ!


Annie Moffatt said...

I LOVE this!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

oo these look great!! We will have to try them out soon! I can't believe Easter is not that far away!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Your link at the top isn't working I just had to delete off the front of the URL just wanted to let you know :-)

MamaDuck76 said...

Thanks, Annie!

Thanks, Lindsay! I have no idea how that happened, but I appreciate you catching the mistake! :)

Sarah said...

Super cute! I shared a link to this post on my blog.

Professor Root Beer said...

Thanks so much, I just downloaded this for my 4-year old. I also posted a link on my blog,

Prairie Scraps said...

Thank you for sharing these! I downloaded them for my 5 year old and I shared on my blog!

Chrissy said...

I am really happy to find this one! Thank you! Makes a great quiet time activities for church.

Lori said...

These are so great! Thank you!!!! My little guy had the best time with them last week:

Such a great opportunity to frame our conversations about what Jesus has done for us

Erica said...

Thank you for sharing these printables. I've been using them with my 5 year old. He is just facinated with the clip art of Jesus and the spelling of Jesus!!