Friday, March 22, 2013

Take a moment to make a difference…

Have you heard about the Romeike family, a German family who fled from Germany to the United States? 

Did you know that homeschooling is, with only a few rare exceptions, ILLEGAL in Germany? 

This family faced fines, faced the removal of their children from their home, faced SERIOUS consequences if they continued to homeschool in Germany.  They sought refuge in the United States several years ago because they did not want their children educated in Germany’s school system.

Unfortunately, the Romeike family now faces deportation.  Not only does this have big implications for the Romeike family; it also means that the future of homeschooling in the United States could change drastically in the future.  You can read more about that by CLICKING HERE.

YOU CAN HELP!  Please read the link above, and then – if you feel that this decision should be reconsidered by our government – sign the petition by CLICKING HERE.

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