Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finally– Snow!

It’s been a strange winter.  Living in Indiana, we are used to having a few good snowstorms throughout the winter.  This year, though, we didn’t get a REAL snow until March!

See?  We’ve already decorated for St. Patrick’s Day, and we are getting the first significant snowfall of the year.  I’ll take a guess and say we got around 7 inches. 


We were able to play in the snow three days in a row.  We made snow angels, shoveled our driveway and the neighbors’ driveway, threw snowballs ate each other, did a little sledding on the teeny-tiny hill out front, and (finally!) made a snowman. 

It’s the first time Jensyn could really get any joy out of playing in the snow…and she sure did get joy out of it.  Take a look:


Max wouldn’t wake up from his nap when we first headed outside. I tried and tried to wake him, but he’d just roll over and go back to sleep. So Jensyn and Max made snow angels while we waited for Max to wake up. I made one, too…brrr! Somehow, my coat shifted and my bare back was touching the snow. BRRRR!


Finally, Max was awake enough for me to get his snow clothes on and bring him outside!


The kids “helped” us shovel by returning the snow to the places we’d already shoveled, fighting over whose turn it was to use the kids shovel, crying over lost boots, and falling over and getting stuck in the snow.


shoveling the neighbor’s driveway…

Don’t let them fool you – Mommy actually did 3/4 of it before Daddy came and finished up with the snowblower. The kiddos just slipped and slid and played Smile



No one informed Miss Jensyn that you should actually be IN the snow
when making a snow angel, hee hee!


Daddy took the boys on the sled on the first day (Tuesday), and Jensyn got her first turn on the sled on Thursday with Grace.  You can’t tell from the picture, but Jensyn giggled and smiled as she and Grace did this over and over again.


On Tuesday, the snow wouldn’t pack to make a snowman.  We tried for a while, but eventually gave up.  On Wednesday, due to a temper tantrum, we headed in before making a snowman.  Finally, on Thursday, we were able to pack together the snow to make a snowman.  (It wouldn’t roll, despite my trying for quite a while!)


He’s rather short, since I was getting tired of packing the snow together. 
I promised Max I’d make Snowy about as tall as he is.



We went outside to add a hat later in the day.  Poor Alex had a tearful meltdown because the snowman was…well…having a meltdown of his own.  His grape mouth and eyes had fallen into the snow, and his carrot nose was sliding down.  We fixed “Snowy” (as Alex named him) right away, but Alex had a hard time with seeing our hard work starting to melt.  He ran into the house before I could get a picture.  Here’s Max with our completed (and repaired) snowman.



So, now we got our beautiful snow, we’ve had fun working and playing in it, and…well…winter can END now!  I’m ready to move on to spring! Smile

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