Friday, March 16, 2012

“Easter Fun” Preschool Pack

This pack contains the traditional bunnies, chicks, eggs, and baskets that many children love at this time of year.  Most pages are suitable for use in a public preschool classroom, but the pack also contains a Bible verse page and a mini-book with a “new life in Christ” theme.
This pack is available for $1.25 at Teacher’s Notebook.  
(…but I’m holding a St. Patrick’s Day weekend sale of 20% off!)
 easter fun ad
I’ll be giving away TEN free copies of this pack next week.  If you want to purchase it now, you will be reimbursed if you are a winner of the giveaway.  (You may choose to receive a refund or receive another of my paid packs for free.)
Additional Page Samples

Graphics in this pack are designed by Pixel Paper Prints and Tainted Sweets.
They are used with permission, and you may find these graphics at:
CLICK HERE to see the Easter Pinterest board.
For The Christian Family
For All Families
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Amy said...

Looks so cute! How do I enter to win a {FREE} one? My daughter has enjoyed so many of your other packs! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Dawn said...

I'll be posting the giveaway next Monday! :)

Miss Amanda said...

As always Dawn - you saved me again :) Thanks for your awesome work. My little man will love it!