Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dr. Seuss tot/preschool

Alex is 4 years old, Max is 2.5 years old
The boys have a CD of  Dr. Seuss stories, and we own quite a few Dr. Seuss books.  This week, I introduced my boys to The Lorax.  That’s one Dr. Seuss story that was new to them.  I was surprised that they were attentive through the entire story!
We “celebrated” Dr. Seuss on Wednesday, even though his birthday is on Friday.  On his actual birthday, we were shopping for party supplies for Jensyn’s 1st birthday.  That’s a month from today.  How DID this year go so quickly?!
When we got home from shopping, the boys played birthday party with our leftover party hats and decorations from previous parties.  It was so cute! :)
Now, for the pictures…
As you might imagine, we used the Fun With Dr. Seuss pack this week! 
Max matched the Things to the correct shapes.  Then I asked him to “flip over the square”, “flip over the heart”, etc.  He was able to correctly flip all 6 shapes by name.  I didn’t even know he recognized all the shape names!
 February2012 410February2012 413
With LOTS of concentration, Alex was able to do the ten part puzzle independently.   Go Alex!
 February2012 412  February2012 414
Alex & Grace stamped the H and h letters with bingo markers.
February2012 415 February2012 416
February2012 418 February2012 419
Max LOVES to do the easy version of the path page.
February2012 417
He surprised me this week by completing the prewriting page.
I figured he would just scribble on it, but look what he did!
February2012 424 February2012 425
Alex did the H and h handwriting page.
Alex and I have been working on his pencil grip.  He’s definitely getting better!
 February2012 420
Max doesn’t recognize all the ABCs by name, but he loves to match the letters on the Word Builders page.
 February2012 421 February2012 422
He also completed the Lorax mini puzzle.  It took him a moment (and a little prompting from mama) to figure out what was wrong with the feet.
February2012 426
Alex did the “hard” path page.
February2012 423 
Alex circled what’s different. 
As for the hats, he decided to circle the three that were the same.
February2012 427
Beginning Sounds – Alex can now do this entirely without help! 
 February2012 428
Max shocked me quite a few times this week.  This time, he wanted to do the counting mat.  I explained how it worked, and he independently (and correctly!) did the numbers 1, 2, and 3.  Go Max!
February2012 429 February2012 430
Grace and Alex enjoyed playing the Race To The Hat game.
Grace won this time! :)
February2012 431 February2012 432
Alex sorted and glued the H and h letters.
February2012 433
Somehow these pics ended up here when I uploaded…see what happens to my kitchen table between meals?  It turns into a city of cars!  The boys can play here happily for HOURS!
February2012 434 February2012 435
Max and Mommy had some special puzzle time on Sunday afternoon.  Everyone else was napping or busy with something else, and I really enjoyed this special time with my boy.  Alex didn’t love puzzles at 2.5 years old, but this is really Max’s thing.  He’s very good at visualizing how pieces will fit!
February2012 437 February2012 438
February2012 439
I wish I could say we got really creative.  I had big plans…but the week was so busy!  I guess we’re all set for next year! :)
**If you posted about your Dr. Seuss week, I’d love to read about it. 
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Stefanie said...

That's kind of how my week went. Big plans, poor execution. Your week looks so much better than my. lol

Popping in from pre-k corner.

Anonymous said...

What a fun week! Love those last pictures of Max with his puzzles!