Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tot School – Little Bakers

Alex is 4, and Max is 2.5

This week, we worked mainly on our Little Bakers pack.  My boys have built in sensors.  If I’m baking, they make a beeline for the kitchen.  No matter what they were doing, they always stop to help mommy bake.  It’s such a great time to spend together with my kids, but it’s also a fun way to teach measurements!

This week, we made banana chocolate chip muffins together.  It’s a messy process when you let your kids help.  Your muffins certainly aren’t quite as pretty as they would be if you filled the muffin tins on your own!  The pride on a child’s face after doing it himself is worth a few ugly muffins, though ;)     (Max also helped me make homemade biscuits later in the week, but I have no pictures of that…)

March2012 033

March2012 034

  March2012 035

Grace and Alex played…and played…and played…this week’s race game.

March2012 032

March2012 031March2012 030

Max wanted NO help with anything this week.  He came and went as we worked, doing whatever activities looked good to him…and walking away when he was tired of it.  So, everything you see below was done independently by Max.

He matched pictures with shadows. March2012 007

He matched shapes. (Mommy cut them, of course.)

March2012 011March2012 012

He did our Melissa and Doug pattern puzzles.

  March2012 009

He did a prewriting page…backward ;)

March2012 016

He did a bingo marker page.

March2012 020

He started matching letters on this page (from the old Little Bakers pack), but gave up before when he couldn’t understand the difference between W and M.

March2012 023

Alex was rather grumpy about receiving instructions on making the letter B correctly, but he worked hard and did a great job on this handwriting page.

March2012 021

He was very proud of his prewriting page this week,
and he completed both prewriting pages several times!
March2012 010

Alex also took a turn with the Melissa & Doug puzzle,
naming the shapes as he set them in place.

March2012 006  

Grace had lots of fun with the cookie counting page.
(She’s a friend, who is also 4 years old.)

March2012 008

She also used all the mini puzzles to make her own little pink book of puzzles.
 March2012 014
Alex did the bingo marker page, and then he moved straight into hunting for the B and b spoons.
March2012 015  March2012 017

After that, he cut, sorted, and pasted the B and b letters into the correct boxes.

March2012 019

He also counted the baking supplies and placed the correct number in each blank.
(For those who have asked me to make black & white versions of my printables, I unintionally printed this page in black and white…it looked great!  Just use the b&w/grayscale setting in your printer options, and you should get pretty good results.)

March2012 024

Grace did a very girly, rainbow version of the prewriting page.

March2012 018

She’s the only one here who loves the roll & graph activity, so she’s been doing that each week.  She does a great job!

    March2012 022   March2012 027   

The “sit at the table and do papers” part of our day lasts only 45 minutes at most.  My boys fill the rest of the day with lots of pretend play.  This week, the made a lot of pretend food…and I ate a lot of pretend birthday cakes! ;)

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Love how hard Max worked! I love messy muffins the best.. means you had fun making them :-)