Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jensyn – 11 Months

Up until a few weeks ago, Jensyn was a nice, sweet, innocent baby.  And then she learned to crawl.  Oooh, boy has our world change in a hurry!

We realized that we weren’t quite as baby proofed as we thought we were. 

~ We’ve moved baskets of magazines and other little things that quickly get destroyed.  ~ We’ve learned that Jensyn is a GOAT, in the words of a friend…and she will eat ANYTHING that gets left on the floor. (I’ve found some rather interesting things in her diaper contents lately, and we’ve tried to be SUPER diligent in picking up the floor now!) 
~ We’ve learned that no sock is safe.  Jensyn eats any that are laying around, or she crawls around with them in her mouth.  Watch out if you’re folding laundry…you’ll never find the match! ;)
~ We’ve learned that Jensyn thinks dog food is just as tasty as Gerber Puffs.  (YUCK!)
~ Hiding under end tables is a great game these days!
~ If I leave the room, I’m probably getting followed by a cute little girl.

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Jensyn loves to eat…the spicier, the better!  Chili, tacos, salsa…it’s all good to her!  We’re finished with baby food.  This little one wants to eat whatever the big people are eating!

While she does play with her baby toys, she prefers the boys’ little toy cars right now.  If you look closely at the bottom right picture (above), you’ll see a Hot Wheel in her hand.  Jensyn loves to slide them back and forth on the floor.

She definitely says yay, more, and mama.  She has said something like Dah-dee enough times to make us wonder.  She tries to sign all done (by wildly waving her hands) and more (by clapping).  She recognizes the sign for milk, and will lean in to nurse if I show her that sign.  We’re going to break out the Baby Signing Times videos soon, I think!

Nursing…still doing that several times a day.  Really, you’re getting pretty good at drinking from a sippy cup, though.  Right now, you just get water…or sometimes water with just a splash of apple juice.  After you turn one, we’ll try milk and see what you think of that.

We’ve been working on “So Big” for a while now, and Jensyn will finally do it when asked.  It’s quite cute!  She also waves hi, bye-bye, and good night.

She’s crawling very well, although not super-speedy just yet.  She’s also working on pulling herself to stand, but she’s not quite there yet.  She can almost get up, but then plops back down to her bottom.  It probably won’t be long.

She goes down for naps and nighttime sleep SO easily, as long as she is in her own bed.  She naps for 1 – 1.5 hours in the morning, and 2.5 – 3 hours in the afternoon.  She sleeps from 8:30 PM – 8 AM most of the time.  She wakes happily and plays in her crib for a while before crying to get up.  When I go in to get her, she squeals happily and bounces with excitement.

Most nights, she only wakes around 4 or 5 AM to nurse.  Sometimes, she’ll let out a random cry in the night, but go right back to sleep.  The past few nights, she’s been waking often.  I’m wondering if she’s working on a new tooth.

Speaking of teeth, Jensyn has 7 ~ 4 on top, 3 on the bottom.  She’s been biting a lot the past few days, but I see no signs of that next bottom tooth.  I’m guessing it’s hurting her, though, with all the biting she’s been doing.

Jensyn loves to watch little kids playing.  She loves to watch doggies.  She loves music – calming when I sing to her, bouncing and smiling when there’s fun music on.  She’s not always full of smiles, but she is almost always content.

Jensyn, we love to see you grow and learn new things.  We love to watch as you develop your own personality.   We’re sad, knowing you are our last, and trying to savor every baby moment…but we love watching you become who God made you to be.

We love you, sweetie!

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Lindsay said...

What a busy little monkey she is turning out to be :-)