Friday, March 23, 2012

Jensyn’s “Pacifier”

March2012 047

Jensyn used a pacifier when she was tiny.  One day, when she was a few months old, she spit it out and popped her thumb into her mouth.  Just like that, she became a thumb sucker.  I really don’t mind.  It’s cute, she can’t lose it, and (eventually…) she’ll grow out of it.

She still loves to have things in her mouth, though, and we often find a dog toy (eww!), a plastic tool from her big brothers, or some other strange object in her mouth.  Lately, it’s been this plastic mushroom:

March2012 048

It’s shaped a lot like a paci.  Can you blame her for wanting it?

March2012 044March2012 043  March2012 045 March2012 046 

What happens when the mushroom falls out?
(That’d be the mushroom in front of her chest, falling to the ground…)

March2012 049

Poor baby! 


Anonymous said...

LOL that is hilarious! It looks just like a paci!

Kat said...

She is such a sweetie!

SamDIBO said...

LOL! My daughter has the same toy mushroom and has done the same thing a few times! Unfortunately, the thumb always wins and here were are at almost 3 and still thumb sucking Booo!

Dawn said...

Ha, Sandra! I'm not surprised, as it's easy to see why a little one would confuse it with a pacifier. :)

Good luck with ending the thumb sucking. My parents dipped thumb in vinegar when I was little, and I STILL sucked my thumb...