Friday, October 21, 2011


I am getting backed up on blogging about family events!  I got started on that Thanksgiving pack, and I just couldn’t stop.  Expect a lot of new posts in the week to come as I work at getting caught up :)

Kyle & Jess had their fall break a few weeks back, and they asked if the could come & spend the night at our house.  We gladly said yes, as we love to have them here!

It was a crazy week leading up to this visit – sick kids, doctor visits, etc – so we scrambled to do yardwork while the weather was nice, get laundry done, attempt to tidy the house, make room for them to sleep, and grab some groceries on Saturday morning before they arrived.  (Kyle slept in Alex’s top bunk, which Alex thought was pretty special.)

Kevin & Leanne were bringing the kids and staying for lunch, so we invited Grandma & Papa to join us.  I got home from the grocery store, started the clothes dryer, made lunch, took care of kids, and then realized there was a fire in the clothes dryer.  I ran outside to tell Keith, and he was talking to our brand-new neighbor who I hadn’t even met yet.  Not wanting our new neighbor to think we were CRAZY, and knowing the fire had burned itself out, I waited until Keith had introduced me & we’d chatted for a few minutes.  THEN I told Keith about the fire, he went in to take care of the dryer, and I opened up the house to let out the stink.

Five minutes later, everyone started arriving.  How’s that for a fabulous way to welcome six guests to your house for lunch? :)

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I don’t have many pictures, but we didn’t do anything amazing – played games, hung out around the house, went to Dairy Queen, and just had a nice at-home weekend with Kyle & Jessica.  I’d thought about going to the pumpkin patch, but then realized we couldn’t fit everyone in our car!  So much for that idea!  As it was, we had to take two cars to Dairy Queen & church!

We “returned” Kyle & Jess on Sunday night (again using 2 cars) by meeting halfway at McDonalds.  This was SO nice…Kyle & Jess kept our boys at McDonalds play place for dinner while the adults (& Jensyn) went to the pizza place next door.  That’s a nice benefit to having older nephews & nieces! :)

We had a fun weekend with the kids, even though we wish they could have stayed longer & we could have done a bit more!

P.S.  We’re getting a new clothes dryer tomorrow! ;)


Anonymous said...

whew what a weekend! Glad everything was okay with the clothes dryer.. i.e. not any worse! Sounds like a great bonding time was had by all :-)

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