Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, Alex…

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First off, the stories on CD are working!  Alex loves to pick a CD before his nap, and about three out of four times he falls asleep while listening.  If he’s still awake when the CD ends, he may quietly leave the room without bothering Max…and Alex has still had a 45 minute rest time.  Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions!

We do have a new “issue” with the CD player, though.  (I think we need speakers for my old MP3 player so I can just hook that up in his room instead of a big ‘ol CD player…)

There’s an LCD display on the CD player, and he wakes up panicking if the numbers are still on the display.  That means I’m supposed to sneak in & shut off the CD player when the CD ends.  If I don’t, then he panics and cries because “the numbers are still there, Mommy!”


I attend a Bible Study on Tuesday mornings, and Alex goes to a preschool class at the church during the study.  Max goes to a toddler nursery, and Jensyn stays with me.  Last week, Max stayed home with Grandma & Papa because I didn’t want him sharing his lingering germs with all of the toddlers.

As we were driving home, Alex said, “Mom, I go to my class, and you go to a class.  Where does Jensyn go?  Does she have a nursery class?”

I told him, “I could put her in nursery, honey, but she’s usually hungry during that time.  Jensyn stays with Mommy. That way, if she has to nurse, Mommy can feed her.” 

Alex replied, “You don’t have to keep her with you, Mom.  Somebody else could nurse her!”

“Oh yeah, Alex?  Who’s going to do that?”  I asked.

Alex got quiet for a few minutes as he thought about that.  Then he called out, “I know!  Sabrina’s mom!  I believe Miss Karen knows how to nurse!”

Apparently, in Alex’s world, it’s okay to have your friend nurse your baby. ;)


Not long ago, we had chili and cornbread for supper.  The chili was hot, so I spooned a little sour cream on top.  I told him, “Stir in the sour cream, Alex.  It will cool your chili for you!”

A few days later, we had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch.  His soup was steaming in the bowl.  Alex popped up from the table and ran to the fridge, shouting “I know what I need!”

You guessed it…he came back with sour cream, spooned a little into his soup, and seemed to like it that way.  (I think it sounds kind of gross, but hey…I can’t argue with his logic.)  He is so independent these days.  We’re still getting used to that!


Recently, we had a rotten night.  None of the kids wanted me to sleep, I guess.  Jensyn wanted to nurse, Max needed comfort, and Alex couldn’t find anything to blow his nose.  Then Jensyn wanted to nurse again.  (She’s teething and uncomfortable, so she’s waking more…)  Ugh.  I was exhausted, and I was finally sleeping HARD when Alex came crying into our bedroom.  He said, “Mommy!  Mommy!  I had to go potty and I couldn’t reach the bathroom light”!

I stumbled down the hall, half awake, turned on the bathroom light, and Alex thanked me and went back to bed.  Huh?  That doesn’t make any sense!  But it was almost morning, so I was awake for the day.

I asked Alex about it when he got up, and he said he’d already gone potty.  He just needed me to turn the light on so he could find his way back to bed.  His bedroom is right next to the bathroom.  Mine is down a dark hallway.  So he could find his way all the way down the hall to my bedroom, but he couldn’t walk into his night-lighted room.  Go figure.


I just found this post in draft mode, so I deleted the post & just added it here…

While on vacation this past week, we visited a church near our hotel.  We felt very welcome at this small community church.

It was “Family Sunday”, meaning that they had no children’s classes or nursery.  Sitting near our family can be a little entertaining sometimes!

Sitting in between us, Alex was staring at the cross in front of church.  After looking at it for a bit, he asked, “Who died on THIS cross, Mom?”   I guess he thought that Jesus died on the cross in the front of our home church, so someone else must have died on this cross! ;)

A little later, he was again staring at the front of church.  He looked up near the ceiling and said, “Look Mom, GOD is up there!”  Turns out it was a stained glass window with a picture of Jesus…


Michelle said...

I am cracking up!!!!Those stories are too cute and too funny!! My favorite is the nursing one :-) I've ordered some audio stories for Channing for his birthday......and a "time to get up" clock!!! Glad it's working for you :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL ohh man those were hilarious! The nursing one was definitely my favorite though!!

Jennifer J said...

I love the stories!!
Put some duck tape or electrical tape over the display on the CD player.
I have nursed other women's babies - especially if mom was really sick and needed rest, or if baby was sick and mom wasn't nursing - but I spent 10 years nursing my babies, so I did have a few opportunities.
Thanks for sharing the great stories!!

Marlynn said...

Oh man!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the laugh!