Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jensyn ~ 6 Months

September2011 214

Oh, how we love this little girl.  Her cute little grin, her pudgy cheeks (even though she’s a teeny girl), and her calm temperament.  She’s just too sweet!

It’s funny – just a few weeks ago, I was telling my mom that Jensyn just isn’t very interested in toys yet.  That very same day, Jensyn reached for a toy.  In the past 2 weeks, she has really taken an interest in her toys…and in grabbing anything within reach, whatever it might be.  She loves the bow holder over her changing table, and she’s starting to reach for the pretty bows hanging there.

September2011 220

We cancelled Jensyn’s well-baby visit because she was sick, so I won’t know her measurements until next Thursday.  Alex gave Max his cold, Max got croup, and then he shared his germs with Jensyn, who also got croup.  Poor baby…it’s her first time being sick, but she’s handled it well!

Jensyn’s first tooth poked through on September 28th, and she has a second tooth that’s just under the gum. 

We’re still cloth diapering, but Jensyn’s been getting a strange diaper rash.  I can’t figure out if it’s from the disposables we use overnight or if it’s from the cloth.  Currently, we’re probably doing about 50% cloth and 50% disposables because she’s got Desitin on her bottom…and you can’t use that with cloth.

Jensyn really loves her baby food most days.  In the past month, we’ve gone from starting cereal to eating fruits or veggies for both lunch and dinner.  (This is funny to me, as I’d intended to wait until 6 months to start cereal!)  She often polishes off an entire stage 2 container in one feeding!  (Once in a while, she’ll have an “I’m not hungry” day in which she barely tolerates food being put in her mouth.)

September2011 217

Jensyn has tried applesauce, mashed bananas, peaches, pears, blueberry applesauce, sweet potatoes, apple-carrot, squash…and a few more…and she’s enjoyed everything she’s tried so far!

She loves her big brothers.  It’s so much fun to watch them run around, and it’s lot of fun when they play with her or try to feed her…

(We kind of have a shortage of girly feeding bibs around here…she often wears camouflage, Chicago Bears, etc…it’s the “curse” of being the third baby, I guess!)

September2011 256

September2011 178September2011 177

While she’s a laid back and content baby, she’s not always super-smiley.  When she does, though, it lights up her whole face.  Her giggles are amazing, too, once you get her going.

 September2011 224 September2011 225 

She LOVES our dog, Maggie, and shakes her arms & squeals with delight when Maggie is near her. 

She’s finally choosing to roll a bit more.  She’s been able to roll both ways for quite some time, but didn’t really care.  Now she’s always rolling…but not using it for “transportation” just yet.  Jensyn isn’t really a big fan of playing on her tummy, but she’ll do it for a few minutes now and then.

This face is one I see a lot – this little serious face.  I love it!

September2011 179

She LOVES her daddy, and she still lights up every time she sees him.  (Unless she’s super sleepy – then only mommy will do…and she gives me “the look” from across the room, bursts into tears, and screams until I rescue her.)

September2011 184

Jensyn enjoyed playing with Grandpa S when we stayed with them for a few days recently.

September2011 194

She’s such a routine napper – as long as we’re at home, that is.  I know she’ll generally wake around 8 AM, nap around 10 AM, nap again around 2 PM, and go to bed at aruond 8:15 PM.  (I also know she’ll wake between 3 – 4 AM to nurse.)  It’s not to-the-minute, but it’s a general rule that I can use to schedule our days.

Sundays and Bible study days are tricky.  She doesn’t get the good morning nap, and she’s worn out.  I set her under her play gym last week Sunday, and look what happened – an impromptu 12 PM nap. 

September2011 218

She had a very mixed-up day on Thursday when we spent the day at Aunt Deb’s house.  My sisters & I were making applesauce and apple pie filling all day, and Jensyn REFUSED to sleep in the pack n play.  She went all day with only a 30 minute nap…and SCREAMED for the entire one hour drive home, even though it was her bedtime.  This little girl will ONLY sleep well in her crib, but how can I complain when she’s such an AMAZING crib napper? :)

Just a few more random pictures to end the post…

September2011 213 

September2011 215  

 September2011 219  September2011 257

Jensyn ~ We love your little sounds, your adorable grins, your happy smile, your sweet face…we love everything about you!  It’s so hard to believe you are halfway through your first year of life.  We’re enjoying this journey of growing, learning, and becoming your own little person. We love YOU, sweet baby girl!


TaraD'Lain said...

Get coconut oil for her butt,I cloth diaper full time & it works great.Shes adorable!

Dawn said...

Thank you, Tara! I use coconut oil all the time on my 3 year old's eczema, but have never once thought to use it as diaper rash ointment. I just Googled that, and it sounds like lots of people use it that way. I'll have to give it a try, as I'd love to put her in sposies less often :)

Marlynn said...

So I've been looking into doing cloth's for Melody, she seems to get more diaper rashes with the disposables, especially with the cheaper ones. What do you exactly use? I've been researching and I'm not sure what would be best.

Anyways, I've found the best thing for my girls diaper rash is vaseline and then cornstarch, clears it right up!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1/2 year birthday Jensyn! She sounds like a super sweet girl!

Dawn said...

I answered Marlynn in an e-mail, but in case anyone else is wondering...

With Jensyn, we're using our old FuzziBunz smalls and BumGenius all-in-one smalls.

With Max, we're using Flips with stay-dry liners...and a few organic liners thrown into the mix.

Shonda said...

Aw, she's adorable! My daughter is 5.5 months and I have a son who is almost 3 so our kids are very similar in ages. I just am following your blog!