Saturday, July 3, 2010

Picture Post

A bunch of randomness from the month of May…which I just found in Live Writer while editing our vacation post.  Oops!

We went to Jackson’s 5th birthday carnival, and we all had a lot of fun!  (Angie, you really know how to throw a fun, reasonably priced party.  Nice job!)

May2010 060 May2010 064Daddy helped Max pick a duck from the pond.  He won a pencil, but I think he’d rather keep the duck! ;)

May2010 065 May2010 067Helping Jessica water the flowers at Grandma’s house – Alex talks about this quite often. May2010 076

Keith and Nana                          fun with Daddy

 May2010 079 May2010 080

well, at least Kyle was smiling…

May2010 085Alex’s favorite play place – the kitchen table with a bunch of tractors, trains, and trucks.

May2010 106

Alex’s self-portraits, which I often find on my camera when I least expect it.

May2010 171May2010 107

a fun Friday night at the elementary school playground

Max & Alex used the see-saw together…with a little help from Daddy & Mama, of course!May2010 121May2010 124

Alex loved the jeep!

May2010 119

Mommy’s fun lunch date with Phonesavanh & Jen.  Max got to tag along, but Alex hung out with Daddy.

May2010 125

Alex’s silent stemper tantrum – he got angry, yelled something about “I never”, laid on the floor silently, and got over it quickly because no one paid any attention to him.

May2010 155

Max is *loving* his Sillytown lately!  May2010 161

Alex was driving his four-wheeler through the house, dragging his taggy blanket along behind him.  It cracked me up because he didn’t even realize it…it’s one of those “had to be there” moments that brought laughter to a dull day.

 May2010 166

Don’t buy a Black & Decker Crush Master.  If you have one already, be warned…they’re dangerous!  I was making baby food last week, and the plastic piece on the base just EXPLODED and sent small chunks of plastic flying in every direction. I’m very thankful that nothing hit Max, who was sitting 3 feet away in his high chair.  Check the reviews on Amazon – these things are not safe!

  May2010 176

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Anonymous said...

What a fun birthday party! Sammy loves to water the flowers at grandma's house too! Yikes on the blender.. how scary!