Monday, October 24, 2011

Silly Max…

We’re finally reaching a point where Max, although he still speaks with only a handful of consonant sounds, is really starting to talk.  He puts together sentences, shares his opinions, and is starting to make us laugh.  This stage was so much fun when Alex was little.  I’m looking forward to giggling at Max’s words in the coming months!

October2011 058 

Last night at the boys’ bedtime, we read our story and got ready to pray.  As always, I asked Alex and Max what was the happiest thing about their day. 

Alex answered, “Playing with Daddy!”
Max parroted his brother, “Pway wiff Daddy!”

I then asked the boys, “Who would you like to pray for tonight?”
Alex said that he’d like to pray for Max.
Max said that he’d like to pray for Sax.

The conversation then went like this:

Mommy, quite confused: Sax?

Max: Yes.

Mommy: Do you mean Max?

Max: No.

Mommy: Do you mean Alex?

Max: No.

Mommy: Then who do you want to pray for?

Max: SAX!

Mommy: Who is Sax?

Max: I doh-know.

Mommy: Then why do you want to pray for him?

Max, very insistently: Pway foh Sax!

So we did.  Alex giggled through the entire prayer.  Whoever Sax might be, he’s been prayed for by two goofy, giggly little boys! :)


Anonymous said...

LOL this is hilarious!! So glad Sax is prayed for :-)

Lindsey said...

Maybe, just maybe, he was praying for snacks! hehe

Monica said...

Tee hee... Love that little boy determination. :)

The Hamstras said...

Makes me think of the Dr Seuss story about the two stubborn Zax! Love that little guy!

Marlynn said...

Well Sax must have needed that prayer!