Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tot School – 39 Months (April Showers & Baby Sisters)

Tot School…almost non-existent this week!

Life School…lots of lessons about life with a new baby sister in the house!

April2011 246April2011 222

We did spend a little time one day working on our April Showers tot pack.  (Click here if you’d like to see/download this pack of April activities.)

Alex put together a few of the 4-piece puzzles.

April2011 217

We played the flower game.

April2011 218

Alex circled the picture that was different.  It’s the first time we’ve tried this kind of activity, and he needed a little help to catch on.

April2011 219

April2011 220

Max tried out his sticker-peeling skills by taking our completed pages and covering them with stickers ;)

April2011 221

Stories were read…

April2011 191 April2011 216       April2011 243  April2011 266

Lots of love and attention for baby Jensyn… April2011 076

And that’s it for us this week!  We hope to finish April Showers tot pack next week, and also do our Easter Mini-Pack.   (These were made for Alex, but are downloadable here for free, too…) That might be pushing it a bit with a new baby in the house, but we’ll see what we can do :)

Have a great week!


Lindsay said...

Still looks like lots of learning from the tot pack and from baby sister :-)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Congrats on the new addition! She is so adorable!

Looks like the boys love her too and what a great week of tot school (even with so much going on). Good job!