Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Grandma & Grandpa S were the first ones to visit Jensyn.

 April2011 006 April2011 007

Grandma & Papa P came up a little later with Alex and Max.

April2011 010 

Alex had told me a few weeks earlier that he wanted to bring a balloon to his baby sister.  Grandma & Papa helped him pick a balloon in the gift shop, and Max brought up a pink teddy bear that says, “My Baby Sister”.

The boys meeting Jensyn…

April2011 012 

I love the grin on Max’s face!

April2011 015 April2011 017

Grandma P with Alex and his balloon

April2011 031 

The boys getting their big brother presents…

Alex got a Mack the Truck, which he’s been begging me to get him for months.  He’s played with it almost non-stop ever since!

April2011 033 April2011 034

Max got a little battery-operated dump truck.

April2011 036 

Aunt Donna, Aunt Deb, and Emma came up later that evening.

April2011 041 April2011 044 April2011 050

Cousin Danny & Ali, with their little girl Cailin, came up the next night.  (Somewhere in there, our pastor visited, too, but I don’t have a picture…)

April2011 061 April2011 062

Nana, Kari, and Melissa came to visit us at home.

April2011 087 April2011 089 April2011 090

Kevin & Annie’s family came up on Sunday – when the weather was beautiful!

April2011 149 April2011 150

All 5 cousins on the P side

April2011 154 April2011 160 April2011 161 April2011 163 

Uncle Dave & Aunt Janice’s family

April2011 242

 April2011 227

Grandpa S came on Saturday night, and then he came back the following Saturday to “retrieve” Grandma S!

April2011 203

We also had a few other friend and family visits, but I got a little lazy with the camera! :)

We still have 2 uncles, 1 aunt, and 6 cousins who haven’t met Jensyn yet.  Most will get a chance to meet her on Easter, and we can’t wait!


Lindsay said...

yay for visitors!! She is one well loved little girl!

Kat said...

What a lucky girl you are Jensyn to have so many people who already love you!