Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Somehow, I was talked into a trip to Chuck E Cheese at 39 weeks pregnant.  The things you’ll do for your niece ;)

This was the boys’ first trip, and while Alex didn’t want to go (?!), he ended up having a great time!

chuckecheese1 chuckecheese2 Max & Uncle Davechuckecheese3The cousins took both boys way up high in the tunnels – where Max had a great time!

March2011 072

Joshua, Max, Emma

chuckecheese4 Emma, Alex, JoshMarch2011 066

clapping and cheering for somebody’s happy birthday

March2011 031 stealing the toppings from the last piece of overpriced pizza

March2011 033

lots of game playing

 March2011 042 March2011 044 March2011 047

March2011 048 March2011 054

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Anonymous said...

hehehe glad everyone had fun! I am not a huge fan of chuck e cheese either btw :-)