Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome, Jensyn!

Jensyn’s name means “Gracious Gift of God”, and she most certainly is!  We are so blessed to have this sweet baby girl in our family! 

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I haven’t posted her birth story yet, so here goes…

After having two babies born a week after their due date, we really had no hopes for Jensyn to arrive early…or even on time.  We just assumed that, once again, we’d have a baby a week after the due date.  Jensyn had other ideas, and she almost arrived on her due date! 

It was a busy Sunday (as usual) – Keith headed up to church early to practice the drums, the boys and I came for nursery/Sunday School, I taught my kindergarten Sunday School class, then served in the church nursery, then we attended a wedding reception after our church service.  When we got home, the boys ran around in the yard while I watched them and Keith did a little yard work.  We all came in for naps – yes, even Mama & Daddy!  After that, I made dinner and we took a walk as a family.

I was starting to wonder throughout the day if Jensyn might decide to come in the next couple of days.  When we took our walk, I was pretty confident she would probably be coming in the next day or so.

We bathed the kids and got them to bed, then I took a nice, long shower.  And THEN I told Keith that he might as well not plan on going to work the next day.  (And then, I started a load of laundry, did some straightening around the house, and did anything else to stay on my feet and get things going…)

Through all of this, our usual “good-little-go-to-bedders” weren’t so good.  They were giggling and partying in their bedroom until 10 PM!

Keith called his parents to stay with the boys, and he and I left for the hospital at around 10:45 PM, I think.  I called the midwife on the way.  We got there, and Keith helped me into the ER…where I leaned against the counter and clung to it for dear life while waiting for the ER to argue with the nurse on the phone about whose responsibility it was to get me a wheelchair and bring me upstairs.  Um, hello?!  I’ll push myself up if you don’t make up your minds SOON!

Long story, much-shortened version:

I so much prefer having a midwife to having a doctor.  The whole experience is much more relaxed, more natural, just more mommy and baby friendly.  If only I’d had the courage to do that with Alex – because I much prefer the delivery and recovery stories for Max and Jensyn! 

It did make me nervous, though, when Cheri left *all* the decision-making to me.  She wouldn’t even share her opinion.  Towards the end, I was a little frantic for someone to just tell me what I needed to do! (Just ask Keith…)0.0 

We got upstairs, I got in a gown and spent a little time in bed.  They put in an IV for antibiotics – which is useless, as there’s not enough time to get in 2 bags before the baby’s born.  It means a 48 hour hospital stay, and I am definitely not a hospital-lover!

After a while, I tried the birthing ball and then had the amazing treat of using the jacuzzi tub in the room.  Oh, that makes such a big difference!  It dulls the pain and makes things much more manageable!

Eventually, I headed back to the bed, endured it as long as I could, and then Cheri offered to break my water if I wanted her to.  She did, and after about 2 minutes of NOTHING, suddenly there was no turning back…no chance of pain meds or epidural…and within about 10 minutes, we were meeting our baby girl! 

Those were the most agonizing ten minutes ever, and the thought that got me through was “I never, ever have to do this again. All I have to do is get this baby out and I’m done forever!”

April2011 001

Jensyn arrived at 3:28 AM, weighing 6 lbs, 14 oz, and 19 inches long.  She’s the biggest of our three babies, but only by one ounce. 

April2011 002

I had the privilege of cutting her cord.  It’s really nothing all that special, but it was kind of neat to say that I did it.

April2011 005

Keith got teary-eyed, as usual.  I just held that little baby close for a few minutes, enjoying our first snuggle.  I love getting to hold my babies before they’re cleaned up.  It’s so special being the first one to snuggle a new little one!

First thoughts are that she looked a lot like Alex, with Max’s hair.  She caught on to nursing really easily, although she was so sleepy that she didn’t nurse much in the first 24 hours.   She’s been a fairly easy baby so far, and we’re grateful! April2011 004

Welcome, little Jensyn Kate!  We’re so glad that God has blessed our family with you!

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Lindsay said...

aww loved reading your story! Glad everything went so smoothly! What a blessing she is!