Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tot School – Transportation (39 Months)

We had a pretty good Tot School schedule going on for a while.  Max would go down for his morning nap, and Mama and Alex would enjoy a snack and tot school or stories together.  In fact, Alex would often choose a simple snack and have it ready for us while I read a story to Max before his nap!

And then…my toddler was ready to give up the morning nap.  There went the schedule!  We’re kind of in a transition time right now – what’s the point of coming up with a new schedule when a new little one will be here soon to “destroy” that new schedule?  (Not that I’m complaining ONE LITTLE BIT about adding a new baby to the family.  I’m really very excited!) 

For now, we’re trying to include Max in our snack and play time.  It’s…interesting. 

cMarch2011 001 (26)cMarch2011 001 (19)bMarch2011 026 (6)

See?  Interesting!  bMarch2011 026 (14)

It gets even better when he starts shouting, “Ball, Bobby, ball!” and pelting me with pom poms. ;)

(Even though he can say “m”, 
Max calls me Bobby rather than Mommy.)

As a result, it took us TWO WEEKS to accomplish 3 days of tot school plans.  (Normally we’d do Tot School three times in one week!)  Anyway…we did Jolanthe’s Transportation Unit found at Homeschool Creations website.  Alex had lots of fun with the activities!

He sequenced buses by size.bMarch2011 026 (7)He’s *almost* got the Count & Clip cards mastered.  Alex is getting faster every week, and I’m surprised by how well he can count when he concentrates!bMarch2011 026 (9)He’s getting a little bored with shadow matching, but if you catch him in the right mood…and keep his little brother from stealing the “air-plee”…Alex still enjoys it.

bMarch2011 026 (12)

Alex’s favorite was DEFINITELY the puzzle cards.  He did these every time we did tot school!  bMarch2011 026 (16)

He’s still loving the pre-writing, as long as he is reminded to go slowly.  He puts a LOT of concentration into this!

bMarch2011 026 (18) bMarch2011 026 (19)

Aunt Deb found a bunch of transportation-themed window clings, and we used the race car ones this week.  I’m not sure why the starting line and finish line are next to each other…leave it to my boy!

bMarch2011 026 (20)Name The Color…  cMarch2011 001 (20)

Color By Number – I colored the number under the picture for him, then we went through and found all the ones, all the twos, etc.  He still doesn’t color in the spaces completely; instead, he colors THE NUMBER and leaves white space around it.  It makes me laugh :)

cMarch2011 001 (23) cMarch2011 001 (24)

Shapes found in road signs…Alex was introduced to a few new shapes (like octagon) this week. 

cMarch2011 001 (25)

I’d really been looking forward to this unit since printing it quite a while ago.  While we did all of the activities, my heart just wasn’t in it because of our crazy mornings.  There’s so much more we could have done to make this FUN!  We’ll give it a few months, and hopefully we’ll find a new routine that works for us.

Here’s hoping you all had a good week with your tots!  Check out what other tots did this week at 1+1+1=1!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of learning even if it took longer :-)

Drea said...

What a fun looking week! We are working on figuring out what to do with Little while Big is doing school work. At some point I'm going to have to start giving him work too!

Michelle said...

I couldn't open your "she's Here post but I guess that means your little bundle of joy has arrived!!! YAY!!!!! Super happy for you - congratulations!!! I hope you are enjoying some amazing cuddles and special first moments with your precious new family members - hoping the boys are LOVING their new little sister :-)

Eddie said...

We loved this same unit! I put the three-piece puzzles onto magnet sheets and my preschool sidekick is still playing with them on the fridge. Her units are fantastic!