Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jensyn’s First Week at Home

Keith & I were talking at lunch today, and we still can’t believe that God has blessed us with a sweet baby girl.

Keith wanted to show just how tiny our little girl is.  If only they could stay little for a long, long time…

April2011 085

Alex wanted her to try the swing ~ First bath at home

 April2011 112 April2011 119

Bouncy seat

April2011 121 April2011dad 006

Ready for church ~ First of our babies to take a pacifier

April2011 148 April2011 253

Enjoying a beautiful day ~ on Grandpa’s shoulder

April2011 140April2011dad 024

First night in the crib – 4/15

To this point, she’s (supposedly) been sleeping in the pack n play next to Mommy & Daddy’s bed.  In reality, Jensyn has been gassy and fussy at night, and she would only sleep on Mommy’s chest.  Last night we gave the crib a try (after trying some gripe water), and (other than waking for feedings) she slept in the crib all night.  We were thankful for some quality sleep! April2011 268How can you not just melt at the sight of a sleeping, swaddled baby?

April2011 271


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful first week! That sofa picture really did show how tiny she is! What a cutie.. I love the swaddle pictures :-)

Michelle said...

What a beautiful week of memories - she is so tiny and so cute!

Ewa said...

Your little cute baby girl is so adorable ;-) It's amazing to observe the life circle of our own ;-) All the best for you and your lovely family