Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Little Money Maker

I blog for fun - to record family memories and to share our Tot School activities.  I don’t (and doubt I’ll ever…) blog to earn money.  It’s only on rare occasions that I post anything other than family and tot school content.  So hopefully you’ll forgive me for branching out for a moment! :)

YouData isn’t very well-known, but I thought I’d post about this because in about 5 minutes per week, you can earn around $1.  It’s deposited into PayPal every Friday afternoon.  I’ve been doing this for well over a year, and there are no catches that I’ve found. 

While $1/week is not much, it’s $4 - $5/month that I didn’t have before!  It’s also about the amount needed to purchase graphics for a Tot Pack, for those of you who are enjoying those ;)

Anyway, just wanted to pass along the opportunity to easily make a little extra money.  If you use the link below, I’ll receive a referral bonus of $1.  Or just go directly to the site if you don’t like going through referral links :)

Dear Friends,

I found something that I think you will like. The company's name is YouData. They are trying to convince consumers like us that we should be the ones controlling our own data and selling our own attention, not third parties like broadcasters, newspapers, and spammers. By creating a MeFile at, I now control what ads I see and when I see them. Best part - I am selling my attention directly to interested advertisers, for real money. That's right, I get paid for giving them my attention. I can use the funds to buy music and video online, donate to charities, give to my favorite blogs and websites, or keep the change myself and do whatever I want with it.

It's real. They pay. You should check it out.

Click this link to sign up. My MeFile ID, dschurma, in the "Referral Code" will tell them I sent you.

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Kat said...

I kept trying to sign up...and realized I was already a member! Ha!