Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tot School - 24 months

Um, I slacked. We had Alex's birthday party on Sunday, and I just didn't feel like doing Tot School on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were busy, and I wasn't feeling well on Thursday and Friday. There goes the week. We did a measly few "tot-school-ish" activities this week, but that's about it.

Mostly, Alex played with his new Thomas trains & tracks from his birthday party. His aunts & uncles got him an addition to his track and some nice engines, and Grandpa P bought some fun trains. Alex could play with these all day long! It's not tot school, but imaginative play is definitely important. I have so much fun watching Alex making sound effects as he fills the train cars at the water tank, drives them over the bridges, etc.
We did a "C is for Cow" dot page.

Alex had a C-shaped jelly sandwich, clementine, chips, cheese, and Capri Sun for lunch.
(Not that he understood any of that other than the C-shaped bread. We just happened to have a lot of C-food.)

He used watercolors to paint this C page.
(He also dumped his cup of water over the picture. Nice.)

We colored in Disney Cars coloring book.
Again, I'm the only one who knew there was a link to the letter c!

Alex also spent some time at Grandma P's house on Friday morning, where he helped Grandma bake a chocolate cake. Thanks, Grandma! I needed a little time without Alex more than you'll ever know! And he DEFINITELY had fun with you! :)

Here are a few pictures from last week:
We have ABC magnets on the dishwasher, and I'm adding a new one each week as we introduce a new letter. We are doing the same with the Fridge Phonics toy.

B lunch...B sandwich, blueberry yugurt, and blueberries
Blowing Bubbles and ABC foam letters. We're adding a new foam letter each week, and we play games like "hide and seek" or "squirt the letter" to help Alex recognize the letters.

Hopefully I'll be better prepared for D-week! :)

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Monica said...

Looks like you had fun some fun activities, even if you were busy with other things as well. It was funny to see your blog; I have a very similar background on mine. I also have two little boys somewhat close in age (mine are 2, well 27 months, and 7 months). I sometimes think that moms of two very little boys should get a lot of credit if we get ANY of these activities going.

melaniet42 said...

You might be surprised at how many of those connections he's retaining. I didn't think my toddler was "getting" any of them either, until she started seeing buses and saying "B", and bananas "B"!!

Theresa said...

How fun! I love how you introduce the magnets & foam letters one at a time, I am going to try that!
My son also loves his Thomas stuff.. it has taken over our home! :)

Our Little Family said...

You did a GREAT job this week!! I've never done a letter theme but I'm always so inspired when I see posts like this. I guess it's not too late, right? My daughter IS only two! Ha!

Love all the C connections!!

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

nice job! I love the "B" sandwich! Cute!

Rebecca said...

He is such a cutie!

Pam said...

Hi! 1st time the monkeys! I am inspired to try some letter themed activities once my little one is 2. (He wouldn't have a clue right now what I am talking about...although we do read the ABC book by Dr. Seuss.)

Tarasine said...

Love all your activities! Looks like you had lots of fun. I especially like the letter-shaped sandwiches--do you just cut those out with a knife, or do you have cutters of some kind?

Kat said...

Keep it up pal! ;)

(And boy oh boy it looks like you've become popular!)

Rebecca said...

You are such a good mom, Dawn! Even on an "off" week. :) My poor third one never got alphabet anything. lol!! He's a lucky boy!

Dawn said...

Wow, I would never have anticipated so many comments on a dull post! Thanks :)

Tarasine - Wilton sells a big tub full of ABC/123 cookie cutters. I got it on Amazon for $10.