Friday, January 29, 2010

Dir-Day Party!

Alex is saying birthday much more clearly now, but it was coming out so cute for a while: Dir-day!

Although Alex turned 2 on December 26th, we had our family party on January 17th. We'd invited family for Max's dedication at church, so we figured we'd just group the two events into one day.

The morning got off to an interesting start. Keith was at church already for praise team practice. I was getting the boys & myself ready. I thought Alex was playing nicely, but he walks into the bathroom as I'm getting ready and says, "Mom. Tractor!" I replied, "Yes, Alex, today is your tractor party!"

We went back & forth for a while as I answered, "Yes, tractor cake!" and "Yes, tractor balloon!" Then I realized that he wasn't just excited about his party. He'd done something. I just didn't know what. So....I followed him down the hallway and found this.
Alex discovered the pile of presents that had been dropped off the night before. Thankfully, he only opened ONE. He sure was excited about it, though! I went by the rule, "Don't get angry; take pictures!" In my frustration, though, I apparently forgot how to get a complete head in a picture! ;)
Leanne was very gracious about her present being opened a little early. Thank you, Aunt Annie!

Once again, we mashed close to 30 people into our home. It's crowded, but so far no one has complained. (Here come the comments...ha ha!) I love the craziness of a house filled with family!
Alex received lots of presents, and we made thank you cards last week. Now we just have to print & mail them! Uh, does anyone remember receiving an 8 month late thank-you card after Alex's first birthday?! ;)

Besides the (previously opened) tractor, Alex also received:

~ Thomas railway expansion pack and engines, Thomas backpack, Thomas DVD, Thomas toothpaste (are you sensing a theme?!)

~ fun Thomas cars (cow, lion, hippo, cement mixer, milk truck ) and engines

~ Duck slippers and I Wish I Had Duck Feet book

~ blue & brown shoes

~ very handsome winter coat for next year

~ Curious George book set

~ toy garbage truck (complete with plastic wads of garbage that contain a toilet and a fish?!)

~ ride-on 4 wheeler

~ tricycle

~ Melissa & Doug pattern blocks

~ Leap Frog fridge phonics

~ brown sweatpants, sweatshirt, and Thomas t-shirt

~ money for his ING account
Mama & Aunt Deb made italian beef, and everyone brought side dishes to share. We had lots of good food - kettle chips, chips & salsa, potato salad, baked beans, veggies & dip, jello...yum! And, of course, we finished our party with cake & ice cream.
Grandma P made this tractor cake with coconut haybales. I don't like coconut, so we never have any in the house. Looks like Alex likes it, though! :) Thank you for your hard work, Grandma! I also included a picture of Max's dedication cake. It's just like the cake for Alex's baby dedication, but this one was made by Jessica. She did a wonderful job! Thank you, Jess!

January 17th also happened to be my nephew Joshua's 13th birthday, so we helped him celebrate, too...

After such a fun afternoon, this exhausted little boy couldn't make it until bedtime. He fell asleep watching TV with Daddy.


The Hamstras said...

OK Grandma P's tractor cake was WAY cuter than mine. That is awesome!

Kat said...

I love the tractor cake!!!! =)

I still can't believe he is 2...sigh...