Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Parties - Part 2

When you arrive for Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa S's house, this is what greets you:

shoes galore

coats piled on the banister because we're all too lazy to walk 10 extra steps & put them on Mom & Dad's bed...

Once you get past the entry, though, it's a lot better - hugs & kisses & craziness galore.
Here are some moments from the S Family Christmas on the 27th.
Aunt Janice, Aunt Deb, & Max putting getting dinner ready in Grandma's basement kitchen...which is sure is nice for big family get-togethers!

We're not a formal bunch, but at least we're all eating together! Are there 22 of us now? Let's see...5 siblings, 5 spouses, 11 grandkids, 1 mom, 1 dad...I guess there are 23!

Danielle. No, she's not a grandmother. Yes, this is her shirt.

Aunt Donna

Alex helped Max open his presents. This one is the Fisher Price Silly Town. Max likes to watch it. Alex likes to play with it.

Uncle Tony. Holding a baby. Huh.

TRACTOR! Matthew gave Alex this John Deere tractor & a smaller gator. This tractor rumbles and the engine opens/closes. Do you think he liked it?

Choo choo! Alex has played with the train cars, but I'm holding off on giving him the track. A little birdy told me he might be getting more Thomas gifts at his birthday party in a few weeks, so we're waiting...

Kathryn didn't get new jeans for Christmas, but her knee was happy anyway! ;)

Grandma made Alex a tractor pillowcase & a cars/trucks pillowcase. He points & tells me "Grandma!" every time I put him to bed.

Alex's new ride-on tractor. I don't think he'd mind if we superglued his bottom to thing thing, he's so attached to it!

Mom & Dad's annual photo calendar

Mario Kart! (Can you tell that Keith & I were sitting next to each other while taking these photos? What awful pictures, lol!)

Wii Fit Plus! Thanks, Mom & Janice...we've already had fun with it!

Danielle & Max

Justin & Max - biggest cousin & littlest cousin

We used to take an annual photo of all the grandkids on the couch or on the porch swing. At this point, we'd BREAK the couch or swing! Soo...Uncle Dave brought a backdrop. I haven't cropped or edited any of my pictures, so here are the grandkids "as is":

Justin (21?), Derek - (17?), Josh (13 in a few days), Matthew (10), Alex (2), Max (4 mos)
Girls - Alyssa (20?), Danielle (19?), Katelynn (15), Kathryn (13), Emma (10)

Altogether...11 wonderful cousins!

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